ANNURCA APPLE COMPTE - 230G by Officine Contadine |
    ANNURCA APPLE COMPTE - 230G by Officine Contadine |


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    Explore the authentic taste of nature with the 230g jar of Annurca apple compote, passionately produced by Officine Contadine farm.


    With a fruit content of 70%, this delight offers the sweet and juicy flavor of Annurca apples, an ancient variety from Campania renowned for its sweetness and fragrance. Without the addition of preservatives or artificial colors, this compote is a concentrate of freshness and genuineness, perfect to spread on toast or to enjoy with soft cheeses. With a shelf life of over 12 months from purchase, you can enjoy the taste of Annurca apple at any time of the year.

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    Officine Contadine: Authentic Seasonal Fruit in a Jar

    Discover Officine Contadine, the production laboratory of the La Sessanella farm owned by Eleonora Venturelli. We are dedicated to valorizing the Aurunco territory by collaborating with ethically aligned entities. Our range of products includes jams, fruit juices, vegetables in oil, mustards, and creams, all made with care and passion.

    We carefully select vegetables and fruit from organic farming or rigorously chosen suppliers. Our preserves are crafted through artisanal processes that preserve the authentic flavor of the raw materials and their nutritional characteristics.

    Without artificial preservatives or colorants, we exclusively use organic cane sugar and extra virgin olive oil produced from olive varieties typical of the slopes of Mount Roccamonfin. Discover the taste of nature in every jar!

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