Miele Millefiori- Don Andre' - Don Andrè - Honey
Miele Millefiori- Don Andre' - Don Andrè - Honey

Miele Millefiori- Don Andre'

Don Andre' Agricultural Company's Wildflower Honey is a handcrafted nectar collected from various flower species, creating a blend of unique aromas and flavors

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This golden honey is produced with passion and care by our beekeepers, ensuring the highest quality in every spoonful. Our wildflower honey is known for its balanced sweetness and floral undertones, making it perfect for a wide range of uses, from breakfast to afternoon tea, or as a natural sweetener in your favorite dishes. Each 200g jar is a testament to Don Andre' Agricultural Company's commitment to providing high-quality bee products, straight from nature to your table.

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From the ten-year experience of the Isernia family, "Don Andrè" was born, a farm and showroom at the foot of Vesuvius. Our products are born from the union of raw materials unique in the world and the love for Nature and our territory.

From the union of the wisdom of the past, together with the most modern technologies in the agricultural field, we have given life to this line of products, cultivated with all the love we are capable of: that for our family, for our land and for You. 

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Don Andrè

From our garden to your table.

Genuine Vesuvian products grown at zero kilometers. Just as good as they used to be!

About Us

Don Andrè Agricultural Company is born from the decade-long experience of the Isernia family in Ercolano, on the fertile land at the foot of Mount Vesuvius and its National Park. The combination of traditional wisdom and the latest agricultural technologies has given life to this line of products, cultivated with all the love they can muster: love for the family, love for the land, and love for you.

Piennolo Tomatoes From Vesuvio

Nothing smells of home and tradition quite like the scent of tomatoes on the stove. They are the pillars of the kitchen, but also, and above all, of agricultural production. Selected to ensure you dishes with a unique flavor. The 'Pacchetelle' of 'Pomodorino del Piennolo del Vesuvio D.O.P.' don't need any added ingredients; their simplicity and perfectly balanced flavor between acidity and sweetness are enough to make you feel at home with every forkful.

Our Products

All the naturalness of tomatoes grown for generations, respect for the land, and a passion for the raw material, captured in a preserve with just water and salt. The authentic flavor of the earth's natural fruits, easy to prepare and ready in minutes, to enhance your dishes.

Yellow Tomatoes From Vesuvio

As bright as the sun that lights up the fields, Don Andrè's Yellow Vesuvian Tomatoes, easy and quick to cook, will revolutionize your kitchen, bringing our entire tradition to the table.

Vesuvian Apricot Preserves

Don Andrè's jams are unique because they are made with Italian apricots, grown and ripened at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, to rediscover the taste of traditional jam, the one made by grandmothers and eaten on warm bread with a bit of butter. A flavor that transcends time!

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