Lazzarelle Roasted Coffee Beans 100% Arabica 1kg - Cooperativa Lazzarelle - Coffee beans, ground coffee and coffee pods
    Lazzarelle Roasted Coffee Beans 100% Arabica 1kg - Cooperativa Lazzarelle - Coffee beans, ground coffee and coffee pods

    Lazzarelle Roasted Coffee Beans 100% Arabica 1kg

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    Discover Lazzarelle Coffee Pods, a balanced blend of 50% arabica and 50% robusta, with a smooth and full-bodied aroma.

    The creaminess comes from the selection of the best varieties, while the medium acidity gives a rounded and aromatic taste.

    Artisanally produced by Cooperativa Lazzarelle in the women's prison of Pozzuoli, this coffee not only offers a superior taste experience but also supports a social project that promotes the inclusion and training of detained women. Buy now to support change!


    Caffè Lazzarelle roasted coffee beans blend 100% Arabica 1kg package. Produced in the Pozzuoli women's prison.

    Coffee beans roasted

    100% Arabica blend, full-bodied, with an intense aroma and sweet taste. Excellent Arabica Guatemala El Bosque with hints of peach, cherry and dark chocolate. Delicate acidity, aftertaste with fruity and grapefruit notes. 1kg package

    The roasting process

    The roasting process is one of the most important stages in the processing of beans. As well as making green coffee edible, it gives it the characteristic aromatic and organoleptic profile of each coffee blend. The roasting of the beans, together with the blending of 5 different varieties and types, is more than technical skill, it is a true art in which the Cooperative, with the help and teaching of an old Master Roaster, has tried its hand during the period of experimentation, succeeding in developing a good ability to create quality blends and to know how to carefully manage the roasting phase, to which each type of coffee responds in a physically and chemically different way.

    Each packet of coffee in its own way becomes unique in flavour.

    This choice has rewarded us, in the sense that over time we have succeeded in creating our own trusted clientele who share the sense of the project and who regularly buy our coffee, finding it ethically sustainable and above all good.

    The slow traditional production process (up to 10 times slower than the industrial one) with the slow roasting and natural gasification method is considered the only way to bring out the refinement and aromatic complexity of high-quality coffees. The wait is well worth it. The coffee has a dense, aromatic flavour and can be enjoyed without the addition of sugar or sweetener.

    Sustainable Development
    Dignity and protection
    Imprenditoria Femminile
    Women's universe
    1 kg
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    About Cooperativa Lazzarelle

    Cooperativa Lazzarelle was founded with the aim of offering a second chance to incarcerated women by teaching them the art of coffee roasting. Every cup of their coffee represents a story of rebirth, inclusion, and respect for the environment.

    Their Coffee

    Caffè Lazzarelle is a high-quality artisan coffee. Their production adheres to the highest standards of quality and sustainability, ensuring a genuine product with an unmistakable flavor.

    The Values of the Cooperative

    Social Inclusion

    The cooperative's mission is to create a work environment that values the skills and stories of incarcerated women. Through their work in the coffee roastery, they are offered a tangible opportunity for social reintegration.


    Cooperativa Lazzarelle believes in a sustainable approach to coffee production. They use processing methods that respect the environment and promote sustainable agricultural practices.

    Why Choose Caffè Lazzarelle

    1. Artisan Quality: Every stage of production is meticulously cared for to offer a high-quality coffee.
    2. Social Commitment: By supporting Cooperativa Lazzarelle, you contribute to a project of inclusion and support for incarcerated women.
    3. Environmental Sustainability: Their production methods respect the environment and promote sustainable practices

    The products of Cooperativa Lazzarelle can be purchased directly on Discover their range of artisan coffee and support a project that makes a difference.

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