Smart box of 9 chocolate pralines - Pasticceria Giotto Oltre la Dolcezza - Chocolates and Goodies
Smart box of 9 chocolate pralines - Pasticceria Giotto Oltre la Dolcezza - Chocolates and Goodies

Smart box of 9 chocolate pralines

Smart box of 9 chocolate pralines refined ingredients and Icam selected chocolate.

The product represents an excellence of the territory certified 100% Made in Italy.

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Smart tasting box of 9 chocolate pralines with refined ingredients and Icam selected chocolate.

Handcrafted in the "Pasticceria di Giotto" of the Padua prison.

9 pralines, 9 flavors designed as a tasting vertical.

Expertly combined ingredients enclosed in an elegant box.

A 100% Made in Italy product are a perfect gift idea.

100 g
9 chocolates
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The Pastry of the Padua Prison, in a laboratory that is both a school of trade and life, has been operating within the Due Palazzi prison since 2005.

Since then, many meetings, visits and events have made us feel the affection of institutions, the public and industry critics, and the everyday life of a real job gives us the opportunity to change, every day, together.

We believe that an individual is not defined only by his error and that the commitment to work gives the opportunity to rediscover those personal resources that would otherwise remain dormant in inactivity.

We believe in work as a self-knowledge tool that offers opportunities for growth through the training and accompaniment of experienced professionals.

We believe in the work carried out with the rigor that pastry making science requires, in the precision of artisan methods, in study and in-depth analysis.

Sector studies reveal how prison work has multiple positive effects for the inmates themselves, for the prison and for society as a whole. Work acts as a normalizer of tensions, nourishes a positive vision of tomorrow, breaks the physical and mental routine. This translates into savings in medical and disciplinary costs and feeds a virtuous process that culminates in the lowering of the recidivism rate, or the probability of returning to a crime after serving the sentence.

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Pasticceria Giotto

An Artisanal Pastry Shop and a Social Project

Artisanal High Pastry Production Inside the Prison of Padova

The social project

An artisanal pastry shop, a social project! Over fifteen years ago, the Pasticceria Giotto project was born – a challenge. Today, it's a reality: a professional pastry workshop within a prison that produces artisanal sweets with the precision that high pastry demands. In 2005, they brought the pastry workshop to the Due Palazzi prison in Padova to work side by side with inmates. To this day, over 200 individuals have been guided through a training and professionalization journey in the art of pastry and more. It's a unique project where taste meets solidarity. The Padova Prison Pastry Shop, which operates within the Due Palazzi Correctional Facility, is both a craft and life school. Since 2005, it has provided numerous opportunities, visits, and events that show the affection of institutions, the public, and industry critics. It also represents the everyday reality of genuine work that offers the chance for change every day, together. The main objective is for prison work to serve as a bridge between the outside world and the inside, a concrete rehabilitative tool, a place to test oneself before returning to society. Work normalizes tensions, fosters a positive outlook for the future, and breaks physical and mental routines. This translates into cost savings on medical and disciplinary measures and fuels a virtuous process that results in a reduction in the recidivism rate, meaning the likelihood of reoffending after serving a sentence.

Production: Leavened Pastries

Natural leavening is an ancient chemical process, both elementary and complex, carrying an aura of magic. It requires patience, skill, care, and a pinch of trust, the kind of trust we have in things we cannot entirely control. Every leavened pastry is born this way, in anticipation of witnessing something delicious bloom.

The chocolate

Chocolate can be enjoyed in endless forms and textures, each revealing a facet of its character, intense and multifaceted. For chocolate processing, Giotto selects quality cocoa from Icam, an Italian company that works worldwide with a significant ethical mission to transform coca plantations into cocoa.

Dry Pastry and Much More

Giotto's pastry offers a rich selection of products, including homemade cookies, tarts, artisanal breakfast pastries, as well as sweet and savory treats. Explore the production of dry pastry baked fresh every day in the Padova prison.

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