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Molino Moras Benefit Corporation

Founded in 1905 in Trivignano Udinese, Molino Moras is a family business committed to innovating the milling industry, creating artisanal and high-quality flours. Since 2010, the company has been led by Nicoletta Moras, who, along with her daughters Anna and Sara, represents the sixth generation.

Choosing to always sell their products locally, Molino Moras opened its first store in 2004 in Trivignano Udinese, followed by a second one in the city of Trieste in 2012.

Since 2019, Molino Moras has ventured online by opening its own e-commerce platform, with the intention of making its products known at a national level, beyond the confines of its local territory.

In 2021, Molino Moras published its first social report for the years 2019-2020, and from 2022 the company changed its statute, becoming a Benefit Corporation.

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