Classic Artisan Soft Nougat - Pasticceria Giotto Oltre la Dolcezza - Nougats
    Classic Artisan Soft Nougat - Pasticceria Giotto Oltre la Dolcezza - Nougats

    Classic Artisan Soft Nougat

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    Classic Artisan Soft Nougat by Giotto Pastry.

    The product represents an excellence of the territory certified 100% Made in Italy.


    A classic. Soft nougat, sweetened with honey and rich in dried fruit: almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios.
    The nougat manufacturing process takes a total of 5 days. First of all we bring honey and sugar to 150° on the fire to which we add previously toasted almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios. We then pour the mixture obtained into the molds and let it cool completely. Finally we cut it into the classic stick shape.
    Ingredients: almonds 34%, sugar, hazelnuts 15%, glucose, Italian honey from sulla, pistachios 6%, egg white, wafer (potato starch, water, olive oil).
    Contains eggs, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, soy and is made in a laboratory where gluten, milk, mustard, sesame, other nuts and peanuts are processed.
    Store in a cool dry place at a temperature not exceeding 24°C, away from direct sunlight and heat sources.
    The product represents an excellence of the territory certified 100% Made in Italy.

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    Pasticceria Giotto: Quality Sweets, Solidarity, and Training

    Pasticceria Giotto is an artisanal pastry shop that is also a social project. Over fifteen years ago, the Pasticceria Giotto project was born, which today is a concrete reality. It is a professional pastry laboratory located within a prison, producing artisanal sweets with the precision and expertise required for high-quality pastry. In 2005, the pastry shop was established at the Due Palazzi prison in Padua, where inmates work closely with professionals to learn the art of pastry and more.

    To date, this initiative has guided over 200 individuals through training and professionalization paths, providing them with valuable skills in the field of pastry. This project represents a unique fusion of taste and solidarity. The Padua Prison Pastry Shop operates within the Due Palazzi penitentiary and is both an artisanal laboratory and a school of life. Since its inception in 2005, it has offered numerous opportunities, visits, and events that have garnered support from institutions, the public, and industry critics. It represents the daily reality of genuine work that offers incarcerated individuals the opportunity for personal transformation every day. The main goal is to use work in prison as a bridge between incarcerated individuals and society, offering them a concrete rehabilitation tool.

    This allows them to test and develop their skills before reintegrating into society. Work in the prison environment has a normalizing effect, promotes a positive outlook on the future, and disrupts the physical and mental routines of detention. This, in turn, leads to cost savings related to health and disciplinary measures and contributes to a virtuous process that reduces the likelihood of recidivism after serving a sentence, benefiting both incarcerated individuals and society as a whole.

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