Made in Italy: What Can We Expect in 2024?

Sustainability at the Table

The focus of 2024 is undoubtedly on sustainability at the table. More and more Italian companies in the Food and Wine sector are working towards adopting eco-friendly agricultural practices and promoting biodiversity. Indeed, looking ahead, there will be an increasing shift towards environmental protection without compromising product quality.

Italian Fusion Dishes

Fusion cuisine has been popular in Italy for years, combining the traditions of different countries. It is a true journey through culinary diversity, opening the door to new taste experiences and embracing culinary diversity. The willingness to break the mold, to try different combinations and cooking techniques, will likely be one of the main goals of 2024.

Towards Natural Wines

Natural wines are made from organic grapes and have been gaining ground in recent years. Indeed, Italian winemakers are moving towards adopting more natural production methods, including:

  • Refusal of manipulations and invasive techniques;
  • Drastic reduction of pesticides and sulfites;
  • Use of only endogenous sugar for re-fermentation;
  • Using barrels free of flavoring substances.

How to Fully Immerse in "Made in Italy"?

Certainly, one of the best ways to experience "Made in Italy" is to visit local markets, tasting and trying fresh and authentic products, from buffalo mozzarella to handmade pasta. Here you can find our Campania buffalo mozzarella PDO: [add link].

Booking a dinner at a traditional Italian restaurant or experiencing a fusion dinner in a modern setting can also be a way to fully enjoy the Made In Italy experience. Diversifying your diet, visiting vineyards and important companies in the territory can help to get a better overview of the wonderful products of our Italy.

Food is in clear recovery after Covid and this could be the perfect moment to immerse yourself in the Italian culture of quality, tasting delicacies and wines that represent the best of the Bel Paese. Discover all our Made in Italy products in the dedicated category on our website.

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