Cannellini Beans by Masseria Loizzo |
    Cannellini Beans by Masseria Loizzo |

    Cannellini Beans

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    Cannellini beans are a versatile and complete food. They are characterized by a high content of soluble and insoluble fiber, also contributing to cholesterol level control. This legume stands out for its elongated shape.


    Masseria Loizzo's legumes are a 100% Italian product and include: WHITE CHICKPEAS, GREEN LENTILS, CANNELLINI BEANS, and older varieties such as CHICKLING VETCH and SHELLED BROAD BEANS.

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    In recent years, their activity has been expanded to include the production of legumes, rediscovering the importance of these foods in the Mediterranean diet. Commitment to sustainability leads the company to use traditional agricultural methods, avoiding industrial processes to preserve the authenticity and quality of the products.

    Finally, with a short supply chain, they directly bring from their fields to consumers' tables a fresh and quality product, inviting lovers of good cuisine to discover their history and passion through the authentic flavors of Masseria Loizzo products.

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