Vesuvian Peach in Syrup - Sapori Vesuviani - Jams and Fruit in Jars
    Vesuvian Peach in Syrup - Sapori Vesuviani - Jams and Fruit in Jars

    Vesuvian Peach in Syrup

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    Ingredients: Percoca (Neapolitan Peach) 62%, water 30%, cane sugar 8% and lemon juice

    520g glass jar. net and 360 g. sg.

    The product represents an excellence of the territory certified 100% Made in Italy.



    Initially widespread only in the Phlegraean and Vesuvian areas, the "Percoche", a Neapolitan variety of yellow-fleshed peaches, crunchy and not Spanish, were subsequently also introduced in the Caserta area.

    The "percoca", from the Neapolitan percuoco, owes its fortune to the well-known ability to eat well of the Neapolitans, who elected it, since the 18th century, as the queen of the summer table. Who does not remember the "percoca drowned in red wine", a traditional ritual of the Neapolitans, which seems to have been introduced by the Spanish rulers, former masters of "sangria".

    The Percoca Napoletana denomination includes at least two varietal types, certainly originating in the Phlegraean-Vesuvian area: the "Puteolana" and the "Terzarole" (with lace, golden, yellow). The common characteristics of these varieties are represented by the medium-large size, the deep yellow color of the pulp and part of the peel, the aroma and the very intense aroma, the sweet and velvety flavor and the excellent consistency so as to be used as raw material of delicious syrups.

    520 g

    Sapori Vesuviani is a wonderful family-owned biodynamic agricultural company located on the slopes of the volcano, in the heart of the Vesuvius National Park. Here, Pasquale Imperato's passion blends with the cultural heritage accumulated over decades. The company is famous for producing the Pomodorino del Piennolo del Vesuvio D.O.P. and the Vesuvian Apricot, the true treasures of the region. Sapori Vesuviani's mission is to preserve peasant traditions, combining them with innovation to create top-quality, healthy, and genuine products. Each product, following the seasons, is carefully produced, processed, and preserved to bring back the authentic flavors of the past. The quality of the raw materials, harvested at the right moment, and meticulous processing methods ensure excellent products.

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