Extra Jam of Vesuvian Apricots - Don Andrè - Jams and Fruit in Jars
    Extra Jam of Vesuvian Apricots - Don Andrè - Jams and Fruit in Jars

    Extra Jam of Vesuvian Apricots

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    The raw materials used for Don Andrè Extra Apricot Jam from Vesuvius are entirely locally sourced.

    The product represents an excellence of the territory certified 100% Made in Italy.


    The perfect combination of the acidulous Vesuvian apricot, with its unique flavour, and the sweetness of the extra jam.

    Our jam is like no other: for every 100 grams of the finished product, we use 110 grams of Italian apricots, grown and ripened at the foot of Vesuvius, to give you the taste of the jam of the past, the one made by grandmothers and eaten on warm bread with a little butter. A timeless flavour!

    Ideal for breakfast or preparing cakes and - why not! - on cheese for a gourmet aperitif. The contrast of flavours enhances the organoleptic characteristics of both the cheese and our apricots.

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    The company's products are grown locally, using traditional methods, and respecting the environment. The company is committed to offering genuine and high-quality products that enhance the flavor of Campanian tradition. The Vesuvius DOP Piennolo cherry tomatoes are a unique and prized product, cultivated for generations in the Vesuvius area. The cherry tomatoes are small in size, with an elongated shape and an intense and aromatic flavor. They are ideal for use in the kitchen, both fresh and preserved. The yellow Vesuvius cherry tomatoes are a lesser-known variety but equally tasty. The tomatoes are bright yellow in color and have a sweet and delicate flavor. They are perfect for use in salads, side dishes, or for preparing sauces and salsas. The Vesuvian apricot jams are made with fresh apricots grown at the foot of Vesuvius. The apricots are orange-yellow in color and have a sweet and fruity flavor. The jam is thick and creamy, with an intense aroma. It is ideal for enjoying on bread, with cookies, or for decorating cakes and desserts. Don Andrè is committed to offering high-quality products that respect the environment and tradition. The company's products are grown with love and passion, resulting in a unique and unforgettable flavor.

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