Propolis hydroglycerine solution -  - Honey
Propolis hydroglycerine solution -  - Honey

Propolis hydroglycerine solution

Propolis hydroglycerine solution, ALCOHOL FREE, pack of 30 ml. The product represents an excellence of the territory certified 100% Made in Italy.

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Propolis hydroglycerine solution, ALCOHOL FREE, pack of 30 ml

Non-alcoholic extract of pure Italian propolis, with a thousand therapeutic properties:

  •  Bacteriostatic and bactericidal properties;
  •  Fungicidal properties;
  • Antiviral properties;
  • Healing properties;
  • Immunostimulating properties;
  • Vasoprotective property;
  • Antioxidant and anti-rancid properties.
Gluten Free
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The "Il Pungiglione" Cooperative has its roots in the Papa Giovanni XXIII Community Association, founded by Don Oreste Benzi and, since the beginning of its history, has focused on the quality of the products of the honey supply chain combined with the quality of the social recovery of disadvantaged people , especially those who come from the penitentiary system. The quality of the products is guaranteed by numerous certifications, certificates and awards and is obtained through particular attention to every single detail. The cooperative works organically the various bee products: honey, honeydew, royal jelly, wax and propolis. Recently, as regards the chestnut and acacia honeys produced in Lunigiana, the unique DOP recognition in Italy was obtained by the European Union.

With the cooperative il Pungiglione the Associazione Comunità Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII therefore demonstrates the possibility of making beekeeping a means of social reintegration, therapy and work.

The people in difficulty employed in Boceda come from various residential structures and in particular from the Casa Famiglia San Francesco di Castagnetoli, a reality that can accommodate about twenty people, including the couple's family who live constantly on the spot and guarantees human warmth to welcome and authority to support the development of individual potential. Rinascere is a project for the prevention and reduction of social hardship with good success rates, born thanks to the collaboration of volunteers and supported by local authorities. 

Il Pungiglione - laboratorio del miele italiano DOP

Il Pungiglione

Lab for Italian DOP Honey

From the explosives factory to the DOP honey production laboratory in Lunigiana.

About Us

Pungiglione is a non-profit social cooperative Onlus, a highly specialized center in beekeeping through its integrated sectors:

  • Organic beekeeping with over 800 hives.
  • Honey production.
  • Candle-making.
  • Specialized carpentry for beehive production.
  • A specialized retail store for beekeepers.

The work activity is integrated with residential care, offering creative workshops to provide people in need with a family and a path towards genuine social integration.

Social Project

The area where Pungiglione is located today was, at the end of the 19th century, a factory producing explosives, including those based on nitroglycerin. After the closure of the dynamite factory, Pungiglione witnessed a flourishing of social, human, and environmental recovery activities. Employment in the beekeeping sector thus became an educational path that helps individuals coming from experiences of marginalization to find a place in society and positive stability in their daily lives. The project's objective is to become a hub in a broader network of services on a national scale, allowing the creation of new opportunities and resources for individuals who are experiencing detention and must serve a sentence, in integration with the institutional mandate of the state authorities.

Organic & Fair Trade Honey

Pungiglione Onlus focuses on quality, which is why it only packages Italian honey. For the production of BIO&SOLIDALE honey, it exclusively selects honey from Italian apiaries in accordance with organic farming methods. The honey is not subjected to pasteurization to preserve its organoleptic characteristics and not alter its freshness index. Certified 100% organic Italian honey is not a blend of different honey varieties and is never heated beyond 40 degrees, even during packaging. In respect of the environment, the production activities utilize alternative energy thanks to a 100 kW photovoltaic system. Pungiglione honey is doubly good because by purchasing it, you support the social project for the recovery of disadvantaged individuals welcomed by the families of the Papa Giovanni XXIII Community, of which the cooperative is a part.

Miele - Il Pungiglione

DOP Honey

Since September 2004, the European Union has officially granted D.O.P. (Protected Designation of Origin) recognition to chestnut and acacia honey produced and packaged in Lunigiana, making Pungiglione the first D.O.P. honey in Italy. Lunigiana honey can be acacia or chestnut honey. Acacia honey is characterized by its liquid consistency, very light color (from transparent to pale yellow), a mild aroma, and a decidedly sweet taste with a very slight acidic note. Chestnut honey, on the other hand, also has a liquid consistency, a dark amber color with reddish hues, a strong and penetrating aroma, a persistent taste with a more or less pronounced bitter component.

Organic Pollen

In ancient Egypt, pollen was defined as 'the dust that gives life,' and the term 'pollen' derives from the Latin 'pollen,' which means 'flower flour.' From a biological perspective, pollen is a protein-rich particle through which plants provide for their own reproduction. Pungiglione respects all stages of preparation with special attention to drying or dehumidification to avoid product alterations over time, ensuring the end consumer a safe product. Pollen is dehumidified at cold temperatures to preserve the vitamins and amino acids that are sensitive to heat.

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