TRUFFLE SAUSAGE - SANNITE SPECIALTY  by L'Artigiano dei Salumi | St...
TRUFFLE SAUSAGE - SANNITE SPECIALTY  by L'Artigiano dei Salumi | St...



Discover Francesco Uzzauto's truffle sausages: a perfect blend of quality pork and selected truffles for an intense and aromatic taste.


Francesco Uzzauto's truffle sausages stand as a gastronomic excellence for those who love bold and refined flavors.

Crafted with the finest pork and enriched with truffles from the pristine mountains of Sannio, these sausages are made following an ancient recipe that ensures a fine texture and a flavor that pays homage to Italian tradition.

Ideal for discerning palates, they promise a sensory journey where taste and smell are delightfully engaged.

250 g
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These have always been the pillars of the company, which has been dedicated for several years to the production of cured meats such as capocollo, pancetta, guanciale, soppressata sausage, and more.

But the main and renowned product of the production is the CULATÈ, made from the most renowned part of the thigh.

Each product is characterized by artisanal manufacturing, and the meat strictly comes from local Italian farms, which only after reaching their ideal weight, are suitable for processing where the best casings and spices are selected.

The products are made without any addition of preservatives and naturally dried on the hills of Sannio.

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