Patè of Organic Green Olives - Azienda Agricola Salella - Creams and Pates
    Patè of Organic Green Olives - Azienda Agricola Salella - Creams and Pates

    Patè of Organic Green Olives

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    Discover the Organic Green Olive Paté from Azienda Agricola Salella, a delicious spread made with high-quality green olives and olive oil.

    This green olive paté is perfect for enriching appetizers and snacks, offering an authentic and natural flavor.

    By choosing this product, you support sustainable agricultural traditions and promote the quality of natural ingredients. Ideal for those seeking a tasty and healthy option. Buy now and bring home the true taste of Cilento!


    The Salella green olive pate has a pleasant and delicate taste. Enriched only with extra virgin olive oil without aromas or flavor enhancers. The product represents an excellence of the territory certified 100% Made in Italy.

    Olive Variety: Leccino / Frantoio Seasoning Oil: Organic Extra Virgin Olive, Production Area: Cilento, Diano and Alburni National Park - Municipality of Salento (SA) / in the best olive growing area

    Harvesting period: Third decade of November

    Processing: traditional and without preservatives

    Flavors: organic oregano

    Directions for use: Condiment for first courses, bruschetta, canapés.

    Sustainable Development
    Dignity and protection
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    History and Tradition: The Agricoltural Salella Company  is a historical entity in Cilento, with roots in the 19th century. Founded by Felice Bianchi, who began cultivating his wife's lands, Delfina Di Marco. Despite various challenges over the years, the company has remained true to its agricultural tradition.

    Territory: Located in the Cilento National Park, a protected natural area of great beauty. The company's lands are nestled in an unspoiled environment, surrounded by olive groves, vineyards, chestnut groves, and woods, making it an ideal starting point to explore the park's wonders.

    Organic Products: Specializing in organic products, the company's flagship is extra virgin olive oil, with over 3000 olive trees. The oil is organically produced and follows a short supply chain. Other organic products include pickled products, jams, pâtés, and purees.

    ''Elisir di Pace'': A unique product, a liqueur made from olive leaves and barks of Cilento. It's the result of an ancient recipe and organoleptic research, offering a delicate and harmonious flavor with digestive properties.

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