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Fairtrade and Organic Coffee

The exclusive blend of the Chiaroscuro line, developed only with coffees from Fairtrade certified crops.

The product represents an excellence of the territory certified 100% Made in Italy.

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The exclusive blend of the Chiaroscuro line, developed only with coffees from Fairtrade certified crops, for a fair world.

It is a blend composed of fine Mexican and Colombian Arabica and Indian Robusta. This coffee is certified by "Q Certificazioni", for the certainty of a coffee produced only with the most natural methods.

For this evaluation, the coffee was tasted in espresso at 93 °, with an extraction of 25 ml in 24 seconds. The average degassing of the coffees was 60 hours. In the cup there is a hazelnut cream with reddish hues. On the nose, notes of vanilla, biscuit and hazelnut emerge, while the taste is sweet, with a soft acidity and an almost absent bitterness. The aftertaste is really soft.

Gluten Free
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The Caffèlab project was born as a collective, a group of people with different skills, different past and present but the same passion: quality coffee.

The world of coffee is changing. In recent years we have been witnessing a strong cultural evolution of coffee. Some consumers are beginning to realize that this product can be a universe of varieties and aromas and that a conscious taste can give us extraordinary sensations.

We wanted to make our blends through experimentation, because looking for quality does not mean fossilizing on a taste, but going in search of it. We have also started to use different extraction methods, because coffee is not just about espresso. Finally, we understood that roasting can totally change the taste of a coffee and that you can also experiment by roasting your own coffee, at home, at different levels, with different profiles.

This is why we have created Caffèlab: to allow you to create your own personalized coffee blend, through our configurator, making available the best single origins and professional equipment.

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