Caffè Partenope- Caffè Grande Napoli 250 gr - Caffè Partenope - Coffee beans, ground coffee and coffee pods
    Caffè Partenope- Caffè Grande Napoli 250 gr - Caffè Partenope - Coffee beans, ground coffee and coffee pods

    Caffè Partenope- Caffè Grande Napoli 250 gr

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    Caffè Grande Napoli embodies 100% Neapolitan tradition and is perfect for the moka.

    It is born to celebrate not only a football season that is absolutely thrilling (and the conquest of Napoli's 3rd league title) but also a city that never ceases to amaze!


    Within each product, you find our curiosity, our passion, and the vision of what, for us, is the true Neapolitan espresso. For three generations, we have been studying the secrets of roasting, strolling through the streets of the city of Naples, where we were born and which continues to inspire us day after day.

    It is right here that Caffè Partenope is born: from the streets of one of the oldest cities in the world to the steps leading to your home, in a cup ready to let you taste the best of Naples.

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    In recent years, the company has expanded its horizons by producing eco-friendly single-dose paper filter pods for domestic use. Caffè Partenope is a company that places great emphasis on environmental sustainability. In fact, Caffè Partenope's pods are made from 100% recyclable paper.

    Caffè Partenope's blends are inspired by the Sirena Partenope, a mythological figure and ancient name for the city of Naples. The two main blends are:

    Afrodite: An Italian espresso coffee blend composed of 7 different Arabica origins, expertly mixed, maintaining its goodness for over forty years. It is characterized by its intense aroma, sweet taste, with notes of caramel, hazelnut, and orange blossoms, with hints of cocoa and earth.

    Atena: A coffee blend based on 5 different Arabica origins (60%) and Robusta (40%). It is known for its creamy texture, with hints of cocoa, full-bodied, and a lingering taste on the palate with aromatic notes of cocoa and honey. Caffè Partenope is a company that believes in the quality of its products and respects the traditions of the region.

    The company is committed to offering its customers a coffee with a unique and unforgettable taste that can evoke the beauty and magic of the city of Naples.

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