NOUGAT WITH ALMOND - BOX 90g - Mencarelli - Chocolates and Goodies
NOUGAT WITH ALMOND - BOX 90g - Mencarelli - Chocolates and Goodies


Type: Chocolate Nougat with almonds
Producer: Mencarelli Chocolatier
Made in: Marche, Italy
Net Weight: 90 grams

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The finest dark chocolate in perfect harmony with the best almonds – that's the secret behind these Nougat Bars. The exquisite flavor of dark chocolate and the unmistakable scent of praline almond granules create an intoxicating taste experience that envelops the senses. Allow yourselves to be seduced by the irresistible sweetness of these chocolates; you'll be nothing short of captivated.

90 g
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Mencarelli - The art of Chocolate: From Marchigiana Tradition to the world

Logo Mencarelli

The Passion, Quality and The Creativity of Paolo in the Alta Vallesina's Heart

The History

Mencarelli is a company born in Castelplanio (AN), founded on the artisanal wisdom and passion for chocolate of Paolo Mencarelli. The philosophy of the master chocolatier is deeply rooted in both family and Marche artisanal culture, which continually drives him in pursuit of perfection. This journey begins with a meticulous selection of raw materials, including cocoa sourced from South America and Madagascar, and extends to the use of innovative techniques to craft new pairings or reinterpret regional traditions, such as lonzino di fico. Mencarelli's products embody the excellence of the Marche region, grounded in artisanal culture, and are reimagined today thanks to the innovative spirit and creativity of enlightened entrepreneur-artisans like Paolo Mencarelli.


Mencarelli company is located in Castelplanio, in the heart of Alta Vallesina, a region deeply infused with authentic Marche tradition and renowned gastronomic excellence. In this setting, Paolo embarks on a quest for the finest cocoa, sourced from regions in South America and Madagascar, with a love and reverence for the land that mirrors the very essence of the Marche hills. Paolo hones his skills as a master chocolatier, driven by an unwavering desire to bring out the inherent goodness of the raw material, cocoa beans. The result is a series of fresh and unexpected pairings, as well as innovative reinterpretations of traditional combinations. Mencarelli's products include the highest-quality pralines and sweet delicacies made from pure chocolate, enriched with Mediterranean fragrances.

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