Dark Chocolate 50g Bar - Dominican Republic Origin - Mencarelli - Chocolate
    Dark Chocolate 50g Bar - Dominican Republic Origin - Mencarelli - Chocolate

    Dark Chocolate 50g Bar - Dominican Republic Origin

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    Delightful 50g Dark Chocolate Bar with Dominican Origin, expertly crafted by Mencarelli. A perfect blend of superior quality and enveloping flavor.


    Delicious and refined, the 50-gram dark chocolate bar is an authentic delight for chocolate enthusiasts. Sourced from the Dominican Republic, the high-quality chocolate used is the result of the artisanal skill of the Mencarelli company. With an enveloping flavor, this bar provides an extraordinary taste experience, wrapping the senses in an unforgettable culinary journey.

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    History: Mencarelli is a company born in Castelplanio (AN), founded on the artisanal wisdom and passion for chocolate by Paolo Mencarelli. The philosophy of the master chocolatier is deeply rooted in the Marche artisanal culture, constantly driving him toward perfection. From the meticulous selection of raw materials (cocoa sourced from South America and Madagascar) to the use of innovative techniques to create new combinations or reinterpret regional traditions like "lonzino di fico," Mencarelli's products embody the excellence of the Marche region, rooted in artisanal culture and reinvented today through the innovative spirit and creativity of enlightened entrepreneurs like Paolo Mencarelli.

    Products: Located in Castelplanio, in the heart of Alta Vallesina, the Mencarelli company is immersed in authentic Marche traditions and renowned gastronomic excellence. In this context, Paolo is dedicated to seeking out the most exquisite cocoa, sourced from regions in South America and Madagascar, with love and respect for the land that harken back to Marche's roots. Paolo hones his skills as a master chocolatier, inspired by a constant desire to highlight the intrinsic qualities of the raw material, cocoa beans. The result is a series of unprecedented and surprising pairings, as well as innovative reinterpretations of traditional combinations. Mencarelli's products include high-quality pralines and delightful chocolate treats, enriched with Mediterranean fragrances.

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