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Since 1920 our drinks have been among the favorites in Sicily because they best represent the true and authentic taste of this wonderful island. They are prepared, now as then, using simple and genuine ingredients in order not to alter their unique and incomparable taste over time.

Discover the artisanal production of Tomarchio beverages, a company with over a century of history, intuition, and passion.

Founded in 1920 in Acireale by Cav. Filippo Tomarchio, Sibat Tomarchio srl continues to produce high-quality artisanal beverages. Our beverages have always been favorites in Sicily, representing the authentic taste of the island.

We use simple and genuine ingredients, such as freshly squeezed citrus juices, pure water from Mount Etna, and an artisanal production method passed down for over 101 years and three generations. Sicily is the heart of the company, with short and zero-kilometer supply chains.

We produce 40 million bottles, reaching over 1.4 million Sicilian families and many more in Italy and around the world.

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