Classic Beer - Surplus Bread 12 Bottles by Biova Project | StoreIt...
    Classic Beer - Surplus Bread 12 Bottles by Biova Project | StoreIt...

    Classic Beer - Surplus Bread 12 Bottles

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    Discover the Classic Surplus Bread Beer from Biova Project, a craft beer with an unexpected touch of salt. This beer replaces up to 30% of barley malt with unsold bread, giving it a second life and reducing food waste.

    Made with water, barley malt, and the salt that gives it a unique flavor, it’s perfect for those seeking an authentic and sustainable taste.

    Support the Biova Project, an innovative initiative for saving raw materials and reducing waste.


    A German-inspired lager: a classic with an unexpected touch of salt, making it incredibly drinkable.

    Thanks to the recovery and use of bread, they replace up to 30% of barley malt, achieving significant savings in raw materials and reducing environmental impact.

    Sustainable Development
    New life
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    Biova Project is an innovative startup dedicated to reducing food waste by creating products that adhere to the principles of circular economy and upcycling.

    "From waste, we can generate new value" is their manifesto, the foundation of the circular economy project that transforms food surplus into products of new value.

    Impact Areas:

    • Reduced use of raw materials by up to 40%
    • Savings in CO2 emissions compared to traditional methods, reduction in land, water, and energy use
    • Savings in public expenditure due to non-management of surplus in landfills
    • Investment of at least 2% of annual turnover in nonprofits and beneficial projects against food waste

    Biova is a project that anyone who wants to take concrete action against food waste can join. For this reason, the company is not just a simple startup and does not consider its beers as mere beers, but as a real movement.

    Their mission is clear: to transform food scraps into useful resources, thereby helping to solve the global problem of organic waste. Their recent victory at the Pitch Contest is proof that their vision has the potential to make a difference.

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