Christmas Holiday Entree Hamper - - Christmas gift baskets
Christmas Holiday Entree Hamper - - Christmas gift baskets

Christmas Holiday Entree Hamper

An elegant wooden box, branded with a burn mark, serves as the packaging for this delightful box, composed of an eclectic selection of products chosen to surprise.

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An homage to Italian gastronomic excellence, tastefully presented in an elegant wooden box. This elegant chest contains a selection of premium products, from culinary delights to carefully chosen wines. The 'Holiday Entree' Christmas Gift Package is an explosion of flavors and traditions, designed to convey the authenticity and excellence of Italian artisanal products. Inside, you will find a selection of delicacies that will delight the palate and create a unique atmosphere during the holiday season.

Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Red Wine by Tenuta Ulisse

A fine wine that enchants with its aromatic complexity and rounded taste, representing the winemaking excellence of Abruzzo.

Aged Pecorino Bagnolese 1kg by Azienda Agricola Buccino

A cheese of breed and tradition, masterfully aged to offer an intense and enveloping flavor.

Millefiori Honey 400g by Re Oro

A perfect blend of the natural sweetness of millefiori honey and the citrusy freshness of orange.

Savory Biscuits 35g by Giotto (Cacio e Pepe, Saffron, Anchovies and Onion)

Small bites of crispness and flavor, perfect for accompanying aperitifs and social moments.

Calitrana Sausage 250g by Tornillo

A high-quality charcuterie product that brings the authenticity and tradition of Calabria to the table.

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