Català Catalanesca I.G.P. 12-month reserve barrique of Montesommavesuvio - Azienda Agricola Vitivinicola Montesommavesuvio - ...

Català Catalanesca I.G.P. 12-month reserve barrique of Montesommavesuvio

Català Catalanesca I.G.P. Riserva 12 months Barrique produced by Montesommavesuvio is produced from vines grown in the Vesuvius National Park.

The product represents an excellence of the territory certified 100% Made in Italy.

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Català Catalanesca I.G.P. Riserva 12 months barrique produced by Montesommavesuvio is produced from the vines that are grown in the Vesuvius National Park.

Català has a not excessively tannic, intense, clear scent with pleasant floral and tabasco scents. It has the characteristic taste of Catalan with a good structure, fresh with a strong flavor and minerality, slightly vanilla.

It is bottled in a light dark green Bordeaux XVth Liberty style bottle with first choice cork and hot silver and white varnished label.

Giallo paglierino scarico con riflessi verdi
Catalanesca I.G.P. del Monte Somma Riserva 12 mesi
Zona di Produzione
Pollena Trocchia - Parco Nazionale del Vesuvio
Tipologia del terreno
Vulcanico sabbioso
sud - ovest
400 m slm
Catalanesca 100%
Sistema di allevamento
Epoca vendemmiale
seconda decade di ottobre
Tecnica di vinificazione
In bianco a temperatura controllata, fermentazione a 16°-18°
Resa di trasformazione
affinamento in barrique rovere francese 12 mesi
non eccessivamente tannico, intenso, netto con piacevoli sentori floreali e di tabasco
caratteristico di buona struttura, fresco con una decisa sapidità e mineralità,leggermente vanigliato
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The Montesommavesuvio company is located in the municipality of Pollena Trocchia, province of Naples, an integral part of the Vesuvius National Park, at mt. 400 above sea level, with an extension of 4.5 hectares completely terraced, it has an excellent South-West exposure. The composition of the soil is essentially lava-sandy, due to the lapillus residues of the Vesuvian eruptions. The work and commitment lead us successfully to the cultivation of those native vines that participate in the formation of white and red Lacryma Christi, Catalanesca and Falanghina.

Founded in 2000 the company was born from the brilliant intuition of prof. Giuseppe Campanile, former teacher as well as agricultural expert, who acquires and cultivates hectares of abandoned land in the magnificent scenery which is the Vesuvius National Park.

The company, over the years thanks to the passion of Nicola Campanile, owner and son of the founder Giuseppe, specializes in the cultivation, transformation and enhancement of native vines using only the grapes produced.

The acquisition and consequent cultivation of abandoned land combined with the research and application of the best biological control techniques make the Montesommavesuvio farm an exhausting assertion of valorisation as a final goal. 

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