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Our eggplants are grown with natural methods without the use of pesticides.

The product represents an excellence of the territory certified 100% Made in Italy.

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Eggplants, although in themselves friends of low-calorie diets, can be caloric bombs depending on how they are cooked: the spongy paste of the vegetable absorbs the seasoning very much, lending itself perfectly to flavor and enrich very tasty and high-calorie dishes.

Simple grilling is not problematic for low-calorie diets, since the preparation of aubergines takes place, in this case, without the need for cooking oil. It is clear that by cooking the aubergines in a pan, frying them in oil or, even worse, stuffing them with tomato and mozzarella too, the calories increase exponentially.

In addition, the eggplant absorbs many mineral salts from the soil, especially potassium, and is rich in fiber.

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Masseria Antonio Esposito Ferraioli, is managed by a Temporary Association of Purpose composed of: Third Sector Consortium, Cooperative Man and Wood, Cooperative Giancarlo Siani, CGIL Naples and Sott'e'ncoppa Association.The territory of North Naples has seen archaic forms of Camorra organization move to illegal systems organized in an entrepreneurial way, which unfortunately still rage and control various economic sectors (drug trafficking, financing and conducting public contracts, illegal waste disposal). From Masseria Antonio Esposito Ferraioli we wanted to propose and implement a model of civil society that believes in the culture of legality and carries out its activities on confiscated assets with the explicit intention of returning the stolen goods of the clans to citizens. In addition to agricultural activity, Masseria Ferraioli carries out an important educational activity especially in the field of legality education, hosts training meetings with schools, has hosted the engagement and training camps organized by Libera, dedicates over 10,000 square meters to the important activity of urban gardens involving over 100 citizens.

It starts with the cultivation of confiscated land to create not only quality but social agriculture, which places the person and the community of reference at the center. The activities are aimed at involving the community, for the socio-cultural change of the territory and to make confiscated assets and common symbols and resources of communities free from the Camorra more and more. On the confiscated property of Afragola, we sow, cultivate and harvest while the transformation takes place in small highly qualified laboratories. 

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