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Licorice and Mint Herbal Tea Box - 20 filters

Licorice and mint herbal tea in box of 20 filters by Lazzarelle.

The product represents an excellence of the territory certified 100% Made in Italy.

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Fine herbal tea with a sweet and intense aroma that combines mint freshness with the intensity of licorice and fennel seeds. The ingredients that compose it perform purifying, digestive, decongestant and carminative actions. Perfect after meals, it is also excellent to be enjoyed cold.

Ingredients: anise, sweet fennel seeds, orange peel, lemon grass, licorice root, peppermint, spearmint, chamomile.

Gluten Free
Progetto Sostenuto
Imprenditoria Femminile
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We as free women have chosen to actively engage in an all-female enterprise that enhances artisan knowledge and generates social inclusion. Because only work offers dignity and the possibility of real redemption. The Lazzarelle coffee was born by bringing together two weak subjects: women inmates and small coffee producers from the southern hemisphere. We buy the coffee beans from the Shadilly cooperative which promotes cooperation projects with small producers. Then we added tea, infusions and herbal teas to our artisan coffee production.


Our coffee is produced, at every stage of its manufacturing process, without adding additives, respecting the natural preparation times of the ancient Neapolitan artisan school. Our coffee packs are made of aluminum-free plastic so that they can be recycled with the plastic in separate collection.


Up to now 56 women have alternated in our cooperative, each with its own history, different and identical to the others. Many of them, before working with us, had never had a regular employment contract. With us they learn a trade, but above all they acquire awareness of their rights and their possibilities. 

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