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Organic Lemonade

For our organic Lemonade we only use the juice of the "Lemon of Syracuse IGP". 24 bottles minimum order quantity

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For our BIO Lemonade we only use the juice of the "Lemon of Syracuse IGP". This citrus, grown only in Syracuse and harvested by hand, is characterized by a juice rich in vitamin C and citric acid, naturally fresh and balanced with a zest rich in essential oils. Combined with water from the slopes of Etna, it gives its admirers intense aromas and an unmistakable taste, pleasantly sour and thirst-quenching.

Limone di Siracusa PGI is a unique lemon.

Between the sea and the hinterland of Syracuse, there is a fertile and flat coast.

Never over 210 meters above sea level.

It is the most suitable area for growing lemons.

Warm sun, humid air, alluvial soil rich in limestone, underground rivers.

Even today it is grown according to tradition and harvested by hand.

Its peel is aromatic and rich in essential oils of the highest quality.

Its juice rich in vitamin C and citric acid is the main ingredient of our BIO lemonade.

Ingredients: Water, concentrated "Limone di Siracusa PGI" juice (16%) *, cane sugar *, carbon dioxide, natural flavors, ascorbic acid.

* From organic farming.

Nutritional values:

Energy: 187 kj / 44 kcal

Fat: 0 gr.

of which saturated fatty acids: 0 gr.

Carbohydrates: 11 gr.

of which sugars: 11 gr.

Proteins: 0.02 gr.

Salt: 0.02 gr.

24 bottles minimum order quantity.

24 bottles
Gluten Free
24 Items

Intuition, passion and over a century of experience: these are the ingredients that gave life to Sibat Tomarchio srl. It all began in 1920 in Acireale when our founder, Cav. Filippo Tomarchio, started the artisan production of the first turbid soda in glass bottles.

Since 1920 our drinks have been among the favorites in Sicily because they best represent the true and authentic taste of this wonderful island. They are prepared, now as then, using simple and genuine ingredients so as not to alter their unique and incomparable taste over time. Only the juices of the best freshly squeezed citrus fruits ripened in the warm sun of Sicily, the water from the slopes of Etna, rich in minerals with an inimitable taste, and finally an artisanal production that respects the processing method jealously handed down for 101 years and three generations .

Today Sicily, the beating heart of the company, continues to be the territory from which the raw materials come from, with a short supply chain and zero km.

With a production of 40 million bottles, we reach over 1,400,000 Sicilian consumer families, without counting the new “non-Sicilian” families who in Italy and around the world have let themselves be conquered by the goodness of our drinks. 

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