Pummarulella - Yellow Tomato in Water 520g - 12 bottles - Italiana Vera - Sauces and Tomato Sauces
Pummarulella - Yellow Tomato in Water 520g - 12 bottles - Italiana Vera - Sauces and Tomato Sauces

Pummarulella - Yellow Tomato in Water 520g - 12 bottles

Pummarulella - yellow tomato in Italian Vera water.

The product represents an excellence of the territory certified 100% Made in Italy.

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In this "transparent" version, our yellow tomatoes are immersed in water and salt, therefore natural to keep the taste, color and freshness of the summer period intact but with a plus: the peel, which by nature is crunchy, softens due to the its permanence in water and makes the flavor of this tomato unmistakable. To be eaten naturally but also with shellfish, it enhances the taste and gives character even to simple preparations.

Store in a dry place after opening, store in the fridge and consume within 2-3 days.

Ingredients: Piennolo del Vesuvio DOP tomatoes, water, salt.

Suitable for the preparation of sauces, sauces, first and second courses and aperitifs.

520 g
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Italiana Vera is a quality Made in Italy brand, it is a pleasure to try, taste and exhibit.

All products are made with the exclusive use of "fresh" raw materials, there are no preservatives, dyes, tomato concentrate.

The attention and attention to every detail for the selection of the best Campania tomatoes are the main characteristics of this company. Discover the taste of fresh tomatoes in a colorful and beautiful packaging to display.

The productions are artisanal and manual.

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The finest San Marzano tomatoes delivered directly to your home.

Italianavera: a family's history, flavor, and taste passed down through generations.

Italianavera a Made in Italy brand

Italianavera tells a story, narrates a territory, and its products. Through the flavors and scents of bygone days, these fruits of the earth take us back to the simplicity of ritual gestures derived from ancient traditions. They tell the story of Italy with all its facets, the story of mothers who cook and grandmothers who prepare for Sundays. They tell the story of tomatoes, the San Marzano ones, with style and humor. Because being Italian is a culture, a lifestyle, it's a desire to tell the simplicity of daily life made up of good things and imagination. Imagination to eat. The Italian way, Italianavera.

San Marzano DOP Tomatoes

The San Marzano tomato from the Sarno-Nocerino area (DOP) is a precious Italian fruit and vegetable product originating from the province of Salerno. San Marzano tomatoes have a typical elongated shape, usually measuring between six and eight centimeters, and they turn a beautiful bright red when ripe. The relationship between San Marzano tomatoes and Neapolitan cuisine is legendary. Just think of Neapolitan ragù, pizzaiola sauce, and the ever-present 'spaghetti c'a pummarola' – all recipes as simple as they are irresistibly delicious.


Italianavera is tomatoes and something more: it's passion and femininity, it's attention and care for every detail, it's a pleasure to taste, savor, and showcase. The primary characteristics of this company are attention and care for every detail in the selection of the best Campanian tomatoes. Discover the taste of fresh tomatoes in colorful and beautiful packaging. All products are made using exclusively 'fresh' raw materials, with no preservatives, colorants, or tomato concentrate.

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