2 Pasta sauces and 2 creams - Vegan Collection - Italiana Vera - Sauces and Tomato Sauces

2 Pasta sauces and 2 creams - Vegan Collection

Box with 2 creams and 2 sauces. Vegan Collection by Italiana Vera

The product represents an excellence of the territory certified 100% Made in Italy.

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Box with 2 creams and 2 sauces. Vegan Collection by Italiana Vera

Precious gift box consisting of two sauces and two creams, which allows the creation of delicious aperitifs or imaginative combinations for the most demanding palates.

Inside you will find a taste that can be appreciated by all true lovers of good things.

This pack contains:

1 natural sauce "Mamma Mia" 280g,

1 natural sauce "Aulive and Chiapparielli" 280g,

1 natural "Piccantina" cream 106g.

1 natural cream "Decisa" 106g.

It will arrive at your home accompanied by:

1 shopping bag for transport,

1 postcard that can be personalized at the time of purchase,

all included in the price!


it is natural, it is prepared with fresh selected Italian ingredients, it does not contain preservatives, it does not contain dyes,

it does not contain sugar, it is made exclusively with extra virgin olive oil.


“Aulive and Chiapparielli” natural sauce: diced tomato 83%, hand-pitted black Gaeta olives 9%, extra virgin olive oil, Pantelleria capers, garlic, fresh basil and salt.

Mamma Mia natural sauce ”: diced tomato 73%, hand-cut aubergines 21%, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, fresh basil and salt.

"Piccantina" natural cream: dried tomatoes (30%), tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, tomato paste, salt, garlic, green olives, peppers, onion, sugar, hot pepper (1.5%) and basil.

"Decisa" natural cream: green olives (49%), black olives, sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil (9%), tomato paste, yeast, anchovies (0.50%), capers, garlic and salt. Acidifier: citric acid.


all the ingredients used in the processing of our products are of exclusive origin of the Italian territory.


store in a cool and dry place, do not expose to the sun's rays. After opening, keep refrigerated and use within a week.


sauce: you can prepare it in a pan or in a pot. To enjoy it at its best, heat the container in a bain marie or in the microwave for a few seconds and use it to season the freshly drained pasta, perhaps adding a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, cheese and a little imagination. For 3-4 people it is recommended to use the entire jar.

 "Piccantina" cream: it is the union of two main ingredients of the Italian tradition: chilli pepper, the fiery red and spicy one, and dried tomatoes, the tasty and delicate ones, of the highest quality. Ground and blended with our best EVO oil. A delicious and unique balance of its kind to be served on crackers, croutons and savory focaccia, or to accompany vegetables and stuffed fillings. A spicy and enveloping taste to season our moments of relaxation with a pinch of euphoria.

 "Decisa" cream: this cream comes from a careful selection of black and green olives, capers and anchovies. “Decided” for its flavor full of character, but at the same time delicate and tasty. Extra virgin olive oil and quality ingredients make this recipe unique: an Italian reinterpretation of a very good puree, ideal for covering croutons or bruschetta, accompanying fish, pasta and egg dishes. A perfect and versatile dressing for true connoisseurs palates. 

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Italiana Vera is a quality Made in Italy brand, it is a pleasure to try, taste and exhibit.

All products are made with the exclusive use of "fresh" raw materials, there are no preservatives, dyes, tomato concentrate.

The attention and attention to every detail for the selection of the best Campania tomatoes are the main characteristics of this company. Discover the taste of fresh tomatoes in a colorful and beautiful packaging to display.

The productions are artisanal and manual.

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