Black Garlic Ketchup by Umami |
    Black Garlic Ketchup by Umami |

    Black Garlic Ketchup

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    A new line of ready-to-use gourmet sauces based on black garlic. The black garlic ketchup it's perfect for aperitifs, finger food or to accompany meat, chips or vegetables.


    Black Garlic Umami is a gourmet product derived from Polesano DOP garlic. Our company employs a lengthy natural maturation process, controlling temperature and humidity for over a month. During this period, white garlic loses its strong flavor but gains a soft texture and a taste resembling licorice, with an umami note reminiscent of balsamic vinegar or soy sauce. This makes it ideal for enhancing the taste of meats, fish, cheeses, and vegetables. It is particularly suitable for those who tend to avoid traditional garlic, as it is more digestible. It can be used raw in various dishes, including pasta and risotto.

    A cream can be prepared by blending the cloves with a little water and oil, perfect as a seasoning or spread on bread, also ideal for vegetarian and vegan dishes. Black garlic has a higher concentration of antioxidants compared to white garlic, contributing to the well-being of the body due to its antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Scientific studies have shown a significant increase in nutritional properties compared to white garlic. Its great advantage lies in its greater digestibility and the absence of allicin, making it a renowned ingredient for its versatility in creating a wide variety of recipes.

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    Umami is a company located between Langhe and Roero, Piedmont, distinguished for its artisanal production of Italian black garlic and gourmet fruit vinegars. Using traditional methods and high-quality raw materials, Umami's team is committed to offering products that are unique in their kind, capable of enriching the palate of those who savor them. Through their constant research and study, the company has specialized in the natural transformation of foods, exploring new tastes and flavor nuances that can turn even the simplest dishes into extraordinary culinary experiences.

    Umami's range of products, including whole and cream black garlic, as well as the innovative tomato vinegar, is made exclusively with high-quality raw materials, ensuring customers an unparalleled taste experience. Thanks to their versatility in the kitchen and reputation for excellence, Umami products are sought after by foodies and lovers of gourmet cuisine worldwide.

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