Dried Summer Truffle Shavings by La Tana Del Lupo | StoreItaly.org
    Dried Summer Truffle Shavings by La Tana Del Lupo | StoreItaly.org

    Dried Summer Truffle Shavings

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    La Tana Del Lupo's dried summer truffle shavings offer the essence of luxury and sophistication to any culinary creation. Carefully sourced and meticulously dried, these delicate shavings encapsulate the earthy, nutty flavors characteristic of the summer truffle.

    With La Tana Del Lupo's commitment to quality, each shaving retains its aromatic potency, ensuring a memorable gastronomic experience with every use.

    Elevate your dishes to new heights with the distinctive taste and aroma of La Tana Del Lupo's dried summer truffle shavings.


    The 4 Rules for Cooking Truffles:

    • Heat with oil, garlic, and anchovies for 2 minutes.
    • Do not use cheese with truffles.
    • Handle truffles only with salt, extra virgin olive oil, and garlic.
    • Truffles accompany and enhance mildly flavored dishes.
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    La Tana Del Lupo is an Eno-Gastronomic venue born with the intention of delighting various consumers with the traditional Umbrian flavors through its fantastic products, with intoxicating and captivating tastes. For the more curious, the company also offers products with the unmistakable aroma of truffle, and is capable of surprising with even more unexpected combinations, such as pecorino cheese with cocoa beans. The company not only produces cured meats and cheeses but also offers a wide range of other products, from spices to liqueurs.

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