DOP S.ANDREA RICE - 1kg JUTE SACK by Riseria Tomasoni | StoreItaly...
    DOP S.ANDREA RICE - 1kg JUTE SACK by Riseria Tomasoni | StoreItaly...


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    Discover S. Andrea rice from the renowned Riseria Tomasoni in Rovasenda, carefully packaged in a jute sack. With its long and slender grain and delicate flavor, this rice is perfect for a wide range of dishes. Taste the authentic Italian rice flavor with S. Andrea from Riseria Tomasoni.


    S. Andrea rice from Riseria Tomasoni in Rovasenda is a culinary excellence presented with care in a natural jute sack. Harvested and processed with passion in the fields of Piedmont, this rice features a long and slender grain, characterized by a light texture and delicate flavor. Packaged in a jute sack, this rice preserves its freshness and authenticity, ensuring better storage and preserving the environment. Perfect for a wide range of dishes, from Spanish paella to Asian cuisine, S. Andrea rice is chosen by professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts worldwide for its versatility and superior quality. Experience the true taste of Italian rice with S. Andrea from Riseria Tomasoni and transform every dish into an extraordinary culinary experience.

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    Tomasoni Riso is an Italian company specialized in the production and commercialization of high-quality rice. Founded on a family tradition passed down through generations, the company is committed to providing its customers with rice that combines authentic flavors with a particular focus on quality and sustainability. From field to table, every stage of production is meticulously cared for with passion and dedication, ensuring a final product that satisfies even the most discerning palates.

    Through a blend of modern technology and traditional agricultural practices, Tomasoni Riso offers a wide range of rice varieties, suitable to meet the cooking needs of every customer.

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