Neapolitan Kaki Vainiglia in Oil 270 g - Sapori Vesuviani - Pickles
    Neapolitan Kaki Vainiglia in Oil 270 g - Sapori Vesuviani - Pickles

    Neapolitan Kaki Vanilla in Oil 270 g

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    Kaki Vainiglia Napoletano 62%, extra virgin olive oil 37%, wine vinegar, salt and natural flavors

    270g glass jar.

    The product represents an excellence of the territory certified 100% Made in Italy.



    The persimmon, also known as lotus or diospiro (literally "food of the gods" for its exquisite goodness), cultivated for over a millennium in Asia, was already known to the Romans, as Pliny handed down to us in his Naturalis Historia. But it is only at the beginning of the last century that the cultivation of persimmon spreads in Campania, finding in the pedo-climatic characteristics of this region, the best conditions for achieving national production primacy.

    The production basin is still very large and includes the Phlegraean area, the Acerrana-Vesuvian area, the Maddalonese area and the Nocerino-Paganese area.

    The product is of particular value for its large size and excellent flavor, mostly due to the high sugar content that the soil and the Neapolitan climate are able to transmit.

    Among its peculiarities is that of producing both astringent and non-astringent fruits (the famous Kaki Vainiglia), depending on whether or not fertilization has been ensured during flowering, through the presence of an adequate number of pollinating plants.

    The fertilized fruits, edible already at the time of harvest but with a certain number of seeds, are typical of this variety and are used for the local market in the autumn period.

    The lotuses, on the other hand, not fertilized and therefore without seeds, must be subjected to amalgamation, natural or forced, before they can be consumed, but it is precisely this treatment that enhances the sweetness and flavor that makes them easily perishable.

    In addition to being consumed as a fresh fruit (excellent is its use as a dessert to be eaten with a spoon), Neapolitan Kaki Vainiglia can be used in the preparation of jams, or an unusual but very tasty sweet and sour flavor in oil.

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    Sapori Vesuviani is a wonderful family-owned biodynamic agricultural company located on the slopes of the volcano, in the heart of the Vesuvius National Park. Here, Pasquale Imperato's passion blends with the cultural heritage accumulated over decades. The company is famous for producing the Pomodorino del Piennolo del Vesuvio D.O.P. and the Vesuvian Apricot, the true treasures of the region. Sapori Vesuviani's mission is to preserve peasant traditions, combining them with innovation to create top-quality, healthy, and genuine products. Each product, following the seasons, is carefully produced, processed, and preserved to bring back the authentic flavors of the past. The quality of the raw materials, harvested at the right moment, and meticulous processing methods ensure excellent products.

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