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Bittersweet Giardiniera with Bamboo

Bittersweet Giardiniera with 100% vegetable bamboo.

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Our Bamboo Sweet and Sour Giardiniera. A 100% Italian recipe, an example of tradition and simplicity, which is renewed thanks to the pleasant encounter with bamboo shoots. Artisan, gluten-free, soy and GMO-free, it is processed by hand without the use of preservatives, stabilizers and emulsifiers. We prepare our Giardiniera in Bittersweet with bamboo shoots, fennel, peppers, celery, carrots and onions grown directly in our fields of Agro Pontino, in the province of Latina. Ingredients: vegetables in variable proportions (bamboo shoots, fennel, peppers, celery, carrots, onions). Marinade: wine vinegar, white wine, water, sugar, salt, bay leaf and pepper. Allergens: celery.

  • We cultivate raw materials with a short and controlled supply chain respecting the land;
  • We help improve the quality of the air and the environment (500 bamboo plants eliminate about 100 tons of CO2 every year.);
  • We pack our products with eco-sustainable materials.


Produced with eco-friendly and recyclable paper, according to a responsible management of natural resources.

Gluten Free
Gluten Free
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Bambulè is a novelty in the food sector, a brand of 100% Italian, sustainable and vegetable products from the Agro Pontino.

The goal is to produce, transform and distribute vegetable products based on bamboo fibers and flours, which are now included in the "healthy food" line of products as the healthy evolution of nutrition in an increasingly aware and continuously growing market.

All our packages are made with eco-sustainable and recyclable materials.

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