Extra Virgin Janus Oil - Cantina Riccio - Oil and Vinegar
    Extra Virgin Janus Oil - Cantina Riccio - Oil and Vinegar

    Extra Virgin Janus Oil

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    Janus oil is derived from olive groves belonging to the estate of the ancient Marciano family of Buccino, located in Salerno. The family's mission has always been the cultivation of olives with wisdom and patience to obtain pure, genuine, and healthy olives. The lands cover 4 hectares in the Serra Ventosa area of Buccino, on the border between Salerno and Basilicata, among the most renowned areas for olive production in Southern Italy. Thanks to its hilly position and favorable climatic conditions, the territory provides ideal conditions for optimal olive cultivation.


    The oil presents itself with golden reflections and a greenish-yellow color. On the nose, it reveals aromatic notes typical of fresh mill oils: delicate and light tones, scents of almond and tomato. Its sweet taste with slight hints of bitterness and spiciness makes it suitable for cooking any type of dish. The fruity and light taste originates from a careful selection of olives, harvested manually and with mechanical facilitators directly from the tree, and then cold-pressed a few hours after harvest. Its harmonious pleasantness on the palate makes it ideal for any dish, whether it's meat-based or fish-based

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    Our history

    At a little less than 700 meters high and immersed in the green of the rich hilly tradition of the territory, the Riccio Winery is located in one of the most characteristic villages of the Irpinia soil, Chiusano di San Domenico, where the charm of ancient places fits into the ferment of vegetation and a landscape of extraordinary vitality. The presence of strong slopes makes it perfectly suited to the cultivation of the vine and the abundant supply of waterways, accompanied by a particularly favorable wind effect, give the wines produced in the area excellent quality characteristics.

    The environment and philosophy

    In such a context, thanks to the careful and personal care of Giuseppe De Marco, it was possible to combine the use of the most advanced viticultural cultivation and production techniques with the skilful work of expert hands and passionate men. The fruit of the vine, offered by a favorable and generous land, is thus ennobled in a product of the highest quality (the "Janus wines") that is aimed at the most refined palates and the most demanding tastes. 

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