Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Tin - Together let’s Help the Community! - Oil and Vinegar

Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Tin

Social cooperative Together Let's Help the Community's extra virgin olive oil is a 100% Made in Italy product.

The product represents an excellence of the territory certified 100% Made in Italy.

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The initiative to produce extra virgin olive oil underlines the work carried out so far at the Massa Marittima Institute, which began with beekeeping courses at the prison.

The olive oil production represents the second phase of the 'Programma Percorsi in Carcere' as it is carried out in a place far away from the prison. The responsible producer of this excellent olive oil is one of our working members, who is very active in promoting the reputation of our cooperative as a synonym for high quality and respect.

The extra virgin olive oil is the result of the pressing of the fruits of 150 olive trees, located in the upper Maremma, specifically in the Municipality of Sorano, Province of Grosseto, in an area surrounded by nature, far from pollution and from big cities' chaos. On a hillside, these trees enjoy the valley breeze and tramontana wind, which helps the olive trees to grow, making the environment inhospitable to the whitefly, a harmful parasite that feeds on the flesh of the olives. The absence of this arch-enemy of the olive trees allows producers to avoid any preventive action on the plants, including non-invasive action permitted by law; fertilisation is also a completely natural process and pruning is punctual and precise.

The final product is olive oil with a fruity and herbaceous aroma, with a slightly bitter and spicy aftertaste, delicate and not overpowering, able to enrich a simple dish and enhance the flavour of any food.

Golden green
Fruity, herbaceous, with a bitter and spicy taste.
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The idea of ​​building something healthy was born in 2014 with the meeting of three people who decided to commit to a project that lays the foundations for the development of a social, sustainable and solidarity economy.

In the wake of enthusiasm and common values, from a simple idea, the Social Cooperative Together let's Help the Community! in 2016 it becomes a reality thanks also to the volunteer collaborators who participate in the meetings and contribute to making every initiative always special and unique.

As per the Statute, the objectives of the Cooperative are multiple and all linked together. By engaging in the dissemination of a production of biosocial products and carrying out activities with services that are useful to the citizen, our Cooperative expects to make use of all those disadvantaged categories that can still donate so much to the community.

Everything that is conceived, designed and built within the cooperative tends to raise public awareness of the concepts of mutuality, equality and respect. Our communication is based on the dissemination of values ​​and basic concepts useful for an aware and active community. Children are the humus of every culture, and it is to them that most of our attention should be devoted in terms of investment. Making use of experts, the Cooperative elaborates paths and initiatives always seeking collaboration with the institutions and with companies sensitive to these issues. 

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