''Figliata'' Buffalo Mozzarella- 1kg by Marrandino | StoreItaly.org
    ''Figliata'' Buffalo Mozzarella- 1kg by Marrandino | StoreItaly.org

    ''Figliata'' Buffalo Mozzarella- 1kg

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    The Figliata di Mozzarella di Bufala, produced by Marrandino, is an exceptional dairy product in terms of quality and taste, weighing 1kg.

    Made with authentic DOP Campania buffalo milk, it offers a unique taste experience. When cut, it shows a soft and stringy texture, typical of high-quality buffalo mozzarella.

    The color is a pure white, indicating the freshness and naturalness of the milk used. In the mouth, Marrandino's Figliata releases a rich and creamy flavor, with delicately tangy notes blending into a sweet and lingering aftertaste. Ideal for a variety of dishes, from refined appetizers to gourmet main courses, this 1kg mozzarella is perfect for sharing with family or for special occasions, adding a touch of elegance and Italian tradition.

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    The non-GMO cultivated forages contribute to the natural feeding of the buffaloes, ensuring high-quality milk. The Marrandino estate, located in the fertile Campania Felix, has been the land of origin for Campana DOP Buffalo Mozzarella for centuries, with a history dating back to the 12th century.

    The company is committed not only to dairy production but also to the processing of high-quality meats and salamis, following strict safety and sustainability standards.

    The focus on innovation and diversification allows Marrandino to meet the needs of an evolving market, always maintaining a high level of quality and authenticity in its products. Marrandino stands out for its ethical and responsible approach, focusing on research and development to anticipate and meet the needs of modern consumers.

    The distribution of Marrandino products occurs efficiently and punctually, thanks to a well-organized logistics network and reliable partners, ensuring freshness and quality throughout the national territory and abroad.

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