Give a gift from the heart for Christmas!

Solidarity Christmas gifts are a heartfelt choice that offers the possibility of making two people happy: both the one who receives the support and the one to whom the solidarity gift is directed.

But why is it important to give solidarity gifts for Christmas?

True, there are still several weeks to Christmas. However, surely many of us are already thinking about gifts to give to friends, relatives and why not also to work colleagues.

One of the reasons for choosing this type is certainly that solidarity gifts for Christmas have the most value.

Christmas hasn't always been (and shouldn't be) a consumerist holiday centered around the expensive gifts you give and receive. It should not be based on the material goods that are exchanged, but on the feelings and love that drive us to give ourselves gifts.

Precisely for this reason, lavish and unnecessarily expensive gifts are now truly out of fashion.

What we look for in a gift is above all the feeling that led us to do it, the meaning it brings with it, the value it has for the one who gives it and obviously for the one who receives it.

Making solidarity gifts for Christmas means giving an object or a product knowing that this purchase will contribute to a good cause. It will carry great significance with it, because the one who receives it will know not only that he has just received a gift, but that someone else has also received one: the one or those who will be supported by this purchase.

Giving solidarity gifts means above all giving a gift to a loved one and at the same time really respecting the spirit of Christmas: doing good and being generous with our neighbor.

Never before has there been a need for gifts that tell a story and Storeitaly has decided to enclose the story of many social projects in a single package. A rich selection of food and wine products made thanks to the support of social projects such as prisons, family homes and products at km0 of land confiscated from the Camorra. Many handcrafted products not only good to taste but with a beautiful story to tell.

For this year, choose to support a good cause and choose one of the many proposals that Storeitaly has designed for you!

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