Valentine's Day culinary gifts: love goes through the table

Celebrate love through Italian food  Sharing food has always been the best form of love. It creates complicity, intimacy, and a way to share passions and interests, getting to know each other better. If your partner agrees with us and you're out of ideas for Valentine's Day, let us handle it.  From appetizers to wines, for a romantic dinner or as a sweet thought, here are some culinary ideas you can find in our store.  


Italy boasts a long tradition of typical regional cured meats and cheeses that are perfect for Arousing the appetite of your partner. Opt for a selection of cured meats like prosciutto, culatello, Tuscan salami, or Calabrese soppressata to savor the unique tastes of different regions.  Pair these with cheeses like Parmigiano Reggiano, Gorgonzola, Taleggio, or Pecorino Bagnolese for a flavor contrast. Present them on a wooden board with dried fruit, honey, and jams for a rich and inviting appetizer. 

Italian cured meats and cheeses are products of the highest quality, perfect for celebrating love and a passion for good food. 

First Courses: Pasta Ignites Passion

 Handmade fresh pasta has always been a symbol of Italian culinary art. For Valentine's Day, surprise your partner with ricotta and spinach stuffed ravioli or homemade potato gnocchi. The special touch? An aphrodisiac red sauce made of tomato and chili, simply lip-smacking.  Tradition dictates gifting tortellini on Valentine's Day, filled with pork, mortadella, Parmesan, and eggs. Or opt for Gragnano IGP pasta with a sauce of fresh cherry tomatoes, basil, and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.  Or... you could surprise him/her by making homemade pasta or buying a set from our store.

We recommend these: 



Main Courses: Grilling is Always a Good Choice

What's better than a nice grill? Whether meat or fish, a dinner based on the main course is a great moment of sharing. Alternatively, you can opt for refined recipes that require some mastery in the kitchen, like a delicate green pepper fillet, a tasty oven-baked sea bass with potatoes and cherry tomatoes, or fragrant lemon scaloppine.  Show off your culinary skills by preparing a dish of fine meat like beef tenderloin in a pistachio crust or sliced fillet with arugula and Parmesan, or try oven-baked turbot with saffron sauce or Catalan-style prawns. 

 Serve alongside the dish  a side of seasonal vegetables or a fresh salad for a complete meal. Don't forget to carefully set the table, with an elegant tablecloth, candles, and maybe even some flowers. You'll see that with a gourmet main course, you'll win both their palate and their heart!  

Dessert: A Perfect Aphrodisiac

Italian pastry offers a wide choice of sweets perfect for impressing your partner on Valentine's Day. Chocolates are a classic: opt for artisanal ones filled with creams and liqueurs for a refined and sensual gift. If your significant other has a weakness for dark chocolate, surprise them with a selection of extra-dark chocolates.  For those who love baked sweets, aphrodisiac cakes are a great gift idea. The classic Sacher cake with chocolate, apricot jam, and dark chocolate icing is aphrodisiac and rich in antioxidants. Try exotic spicy-flavored cakes like chili or ginger, which stimulate circulation. 

Another option is a mimosa cake with champagne-soaked sponge cake. A light but sensual dessert thanks to the bubbles.  

We recommend these: Chocolate Pralines, Dark Chocolate with Red Fruits, Pistachio Chocolate

Wine: The Perfect Companion for Your Sweet Evening

To accompany your Valentine's Day dinner, feel free to choose fine wines and Italian wine excellences. Bubbles are a must for toasting to love: opt for a Franciacorta or a Trento Doc if you want to impress with quality bubbles.

For still wines, full-bodied and structured reds are a great choice: gift a bottle of Amarone della Valpolicella Docg, Brunello di Montalcino Docg, or Barolo Docg to enhance the flavors of a candlelit dinner.  Choose a controlled and guaranteed designation of origin to ensure excellent wines from renowned regions. For a truly special gift, select a Reserve or a particular Vintage of a prestigious label. A bottle of fine wine will be appreciated by every lover of Bacchus' nectar. 

What about one of our boxes?

For Valentine's Day, a classic gift always appreciated is a basket of typical products and gastronomic delicacies. Composing the perfect gift basket is easy, the important thing is to focus on culinary excellences that tell the story of the territory.  Opt for ingredients and products of the highest quality, preferably from small producers or family-run businesses, distinguished by craftsmanship and attention to detail. Prefer DOC and DOP labels, which guarantee quality and controlled origin.  You can compose it directly in your cart, choose from the products available on our site! 

Happy Valentine's Day to all lovers! May it be a sweet and tasty day, to be spent together savoring the pleasures of the palate and the company of the beloved person.

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