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Extra Cherry Jam - Alter Eco

Altereco's extra cherry jam is made with cherries “freed” by the mafia, grown on the confiscated land of Terra Aut.

The product represents an excellence of the territory certified 100% Made in Italy

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Terra Aut cherry jam is obtained by manually harvesting "railway" quality cherries and within 48 hours they are transformed into extra jam without any preservative or coloring.

AlterEco's extra cherry jam is made with cherries “freed” by the mafia, grown on the confiscated land of Terra Aut. Once picked, the sweetest cherries become jam, perfect for many recipes.

Sweet, rich and full-bodied, the extra cherry jam is perfect for breakfast, a snack or a sweet snack spread directly on bread or as a filling for a tart.

The first news of the Ciliegia Ferrovia dates back to 1935. Legend has it that the first tree was born from a cherry stone near a railway exit of the South-East Railways. The sapling, born a few meters from the tracks, was called "Ferrovì". For a few years the tree was cared for by the railway toll collector of the time Rocco Giorgio. Later it spread over the south-eastern area of ​​Bari until it became the main cultivar of Turi, Casamassima and Conversano, neighboring countries that boast one of the largest productions in Italy.

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Since 2008, the Altereco Social Cooperative has been working on the confiscated land of Terra Aut they not only grow vegetables, table grapes, pomegranates, cherries, lemons and olives for oil but also dreams and prospects for a dignified life.

The cooperative welcomes about 20 people a year from the penal area, from drug addiction and migrants from situations of great fragility with reintegration paths into the world of work, based on respect for people, whatever their origin.

Against all forms of oppression and malfeasance there are jams, pates, pickles, olive oil, tomato sauce. Terra Aut is not just a farm, it is a place of social redemption destination for educational projects and school visits, because letting people know that an alternative to the mafia exists is a duty. 

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