Walnuts in Wildflower Honey. - Together let’s Help the Community! - Honey
Walnuts in Wildflower Honey. - Together let’s Help the Community! - Honey
Walnuts in Wildflower Honey. - Together let’s Help the Community! - Honey
Walnuts in Wildflower Honey. - Together let’s Help the Community! - Honey

Walnuts in Wildflower Honey.

Walnuts in wildflower honey 100% Italian product.

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100% ITALIAN product.

Walnuts from Sorrento (CAMPANIA) while wildflower honey comes from the Province of Grosseto (TUSCANY).

The product has not undergone physical and thermal treatments, which is why it can be creamy to the eye and to the touch, due to the natural crystallization of honey.

This product is made with the work and commitment of the prisoners and former prisoners entrusted to CoopThc.

Our task is to build insertion paths adapted to the needs identified on a case-by-case basis.

Our working members adhere to the “Percorsi in Carcere” program. Your contribution helps us to finance our projects.

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The idea of ​​building something healthy was born in 2014 with the meeting of three people who decided to commit to a project that lays the foundations for the development of a social, sustainable and solidarity economy.

In the wake of enthusiasm and common values, from a simple idea, the Social Cooperative Together let's Help the Community! in 2016 it becomes a reality thanks also to the volunteer collaborators who participate in the meetings and contribute to making every initiative always special and unique.

As per the Statute, the objectives of the Cooperative are multiple and all linked together. By engaging in the dissemination of a production of biosocial products and carrying out activities with services that are useful to the citizen, our Cooperative expects to make use of all those disadvantaged categories that can still donate so much to the community.

Everything that is conceived, designed and built within the cooperative tends to raise public awareness of the concepts of mutuality, equality and respect. Our communication is based on the dissemination of values ​​and basic concepts useful for an aware and active community. Children are the humus of every culture, and it is to them that most of our attention should be devoted in terms of investment. Making use of experts, the Cooperative elaborates paths and initiatives always seeking collaboration with the institutions and with companies sensitive to these issues. 

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Togheter Let's Help

Production of oil and honey through social projects.

The social flavor of Italian excellence.

The social project:

The Social Cooperative Society "Together let’s Help the Community!" works with the intention of creating valid and concrete opportunities to promote the social reintegration of incarcerated and deprived individuals, aiming to curb recidivism and prevent social exclusion. Through the development and implementation of social projects, CoopTHC seeks to overcome these obstacles with the goal of establishing pathways to employment. This is achieved by engaging local agricultural businesses, social enterprises, and associations. This requires a dedicated focus to ensure that the established programs can be highly flexible and adaptable to the situations encountered along their journey. The individuals involved in this project are characterized by their strong spirit and dedication to work, and over time, they have developed a deep sense of belonging to the project.

The honey:

The beekeeping operation is focused on eco-sustainability, respecting nature and the natural evolution of the bees that inhabit the hives. Currently, the apiary consists of 22 hives and is permanent, meaning that the hives are not moved based on the local crops but remain in the same location, resulting in a multifloral honey product. They are situated in a peaceful environment, free from pollution, far from industrial or busy areas, and distant from crops that use chemical products. The work is carried out without the use of antibiotics or chemical products that could alter the quality of the product and compromise the health of the bees. Additionally, out of respect for the hardworking bees, they never extract all the honey from the frames, allowing the bees to have a good supply for the winter without needing artificial feeding with sugary substances during critical periods.

The oil:

The production of oil represents the second phase of the "Pathways in Prison" program, as it takes place in a location separate from the prison itself. The fruits cultivated in these lands are then sent to the Massa Marittima Penitentiary, where other inmates work to process and finish the products on behalf of our Cooperative THC, including the packaging. This establishes a production chain that connects the area surrounding the prison with its interior.

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