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Organic chestnut honey

Organic chestnut honey is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

The product represents an excellence of the territory certified 100% Made in Italy.

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Chestnut honey is one of the main unifloral productions at national level. Large quantities are obtained throughout the Alps, along the Apennine ridge and in the mountainous areas of the major islands.

In the rest of Europe, especially in areas with a more continental climate, the production of chestnut honey is of considerable importance. It is a honey with characteristics that do not meet the taste of most consumers (dark color, pungent odor, strongly bitter taste), but, perhaps precisely for this reason, the product is favorably placed among an increasingly wider range of people. who appreciate its particular characteristics.

The greatest differences from one batch to another probably depend, more or less on the accompanying flora, on the more or less abundant presence of honeydew of the same species.

Chestnut honeys with a prevalence of nectar tend to have a lighter color, a higher moisture content and a more pronounced smell and taste, as described below; on the other hand, when honeydew is present in a fair amount, the color is darker, the water content is lower, the smell and aroma are less pungent and the taste is less bitter.

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The "Il Pungiglione" Cooperative has its roots in the Papa Giovanni XXIII Community Association, founded by Don Oreste Benzi and, since the beginning of its history, has focused on the quality of the products of the honey supply chain combined with the quality of the social recovery of disadvantaged people , especially those who come from the penitentiary system. The quality of the products is guaranteed by numerous certifications, certificates and awards and is obtained through particular attention to every single detail. The cooperative works organically the various bee products: honey, honeydew, royal jelly, wax and propolis. Recently, as regards the chestnut and acacia honeys produced in Lunigiana, the unique DOP recognition in Italy was obtained by the European Union.

With the cooperative il Pungiglione the Associazione Comunità Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII therefore demonstrates the possibility of making beekeeping a means of social reintegration, therapy and work.

The people in difficulty employed in Boceda come from various residential structures and in particular from the Casa Famiglia San Francesco di Castagnetoli, a reality that can accommodate about twenty people, including the couple's family who live constantly on the spot and guarantees human warmth to welcome and authority to support the development of individual potential. Rinascere is a project for the prevention and reduction of social hardship with good success rates, born thanks to the collaboration of volunteers and supported by local authorities. 

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