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Pasta di Gragnano IGP Small Gift Box

Gift box of 3 kg of Pasta di Gragnano IGP D'Aniello.

Contains 4 packs of 500g short pasta and 2 packs of special size.

The product represents an excellence of the territory certified 100% Made in Italy.

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The package contains

Contains 4 packs of Gragnano PGI D'Aniello pasta of 500 gr in Short format and 2 packs of special format according to stock availability.

Short Pasta: Candele corte, Giant Eliche, Torcinelli, Caserecce, Small Eliche, Rigatoni, Mezzi Rigatoni, Lumaconi, Neapolitan Ears.

Pasta Special Formats: Paccheri, Mezzi paccheri, Calamarata, Scialatielli, Paccheri Rigati, Mezzi Paccheri Rigati, Pantaccioni, Pacchero Gragnano, Mezzo pacchero Gragnano. 

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The Pastificio D'Aniello located in Gragnano, is located inside the historic ALFONSO GAROFALO factory, today considered industrial archeology.

The choice of a venue rich in history and tradition is not accidental but reflects the intentions of Pastificio D'Aniello to still preserve, in the era of advanced technologies, the artisan production methods, the attention to every single detail, from the selection of raw materials to control the phases related to production.

The Pastificio D'Aniello offers products of the highest quality in compliance with the IGP PASTA DI GRAGNANO disciplinary.

To ensure a high quality of its products, Pastificio D'Aniello has set up a "SHORT CHAIN" project aimed at exploiting the riches of our territories and then transferring them to the final product "PASTA DI GRAGNANO I.G.P."

This project was possible thanks to a strong collaboration with the company AGRISEMI MINICOZZI Srl, a Benevento company leader in the sector of seed selection and grain storage, together with which, following studies and continuous research, it was possible to identify a selection of high quality wheat coming exclusively from Campania soil able to guarantee very high chemical-physical and organoleptic characteristics to the final product.

This great research work for raw materials is then enriched by a transformation phase that follows the centenary tradition of the city of Gragnano, that is, high quality durum wheat semolina, bronze drawing and long drying times at low temperatures, characteristics also specified in the IGP specification PASTA OF GRAGNANO.

"Pasta di Gragnano" is the product obtained by mixing durum wheat semolina with water from the local aquifer.

The production process for the production of "Pasta di Gragnano" consists of five phases:

THE DOUGH AND THE MIXING: the durum wheat semolina obtained is mixed with water. The subsequent phase of kneading ensures that the well-worked mixture becomes homogeneous and elastic;

EXTRUSION OR DRAWING: drawing is a very important phase to obtain a good quality of the final product. Once the dough is obtained, it is drawn in "dies", that is tools exclusively in bronze, which allow to give the dough a rough surface, determining its shape;

DRYING: drying varies according to the formats and in any case takes place at a temperature between 40 and 60 ° C for a period of between 6 and 60 hours. The drying phase is obtained through the static cells;

COOLING AND STABILIZATION: the final element of drying is the cooler which brings the pasta to room temperature while still at drying temperature and then stabilizes its temperature before placing it in the external environment;

PACKAGING: must be carried out in the production companies within twenty-four hours after leaving the dryer; to avoid moisture losses that would compromise the special organoleptic qualities of the product.

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