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Green Peas Flour - 10 packs by Pasta Natura Gluten Free | StoreIta...

Green Peas Flour - 10 packs

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Peas are rich in protein and fiber, pea flour lends itself as the main ingredient to prepare unique dishes.

The product represents an excellence of the territory certified 100% Made in Italy.

10 packs minimum order quantity.


The color on the table stimulates conviviality, whets the appetite and promotes a good mood. Thanks to green pea flour you can create colorful and inviting dishes that no one will be able to resist. The green pea flour of the Marchesato comes from organic production. The needs of the most attentive people who are looking for a healthy diet based on genuine and natural foods will be met in this way. Bring the party to the table with the tasty organic green pea flour from the Marquisate.

Green peas are legumes rich in protein and fiber. Thanks to the important energy contribution, pea flour is the main ingredient for preparing unique dishes. Peas also contain potassium, an element with diuretic properties. Consuming pea flour regularly benefits the body by promoting the rebalancing of the intestine. The elements present in peas, and therefore in flour, contribute to the production of important fatty acids that perform numerous physiological functions within our body. The dishes prepared with the organic green pea flour of the Marchesato are healthy and tasty, try it immediately in the kitchen.

Green pea flour is very versatile. If you love original recipes you will surely find many ways to use it. Once tasted you will not be able to do without it, its full flavor, but at the same time delicate, goes well with every ingredient. If you want to make a simple recipe, but with great nutritional value, do this: get some meatballs with pea flour to use to enrich salads. Better if baked rather than fried. For the salad, combine chopped boiled ribs, thinly sliced ​​raw fennel and seasoned green olives, all garnished with extra virgin olive oil, chilli and orange peel. You will get a very tasty complete dish to eat at lunch, when the time available for the meal is limited, but you need to eat in a healthy and nutritious way to face the long afternoon of work.

10 packs minimum order quantity.

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Pasta Natura: The Authentic Taste of Natural and Sustainable Pasta

Discover the natural goodness of fine pasta, carefully selected to reach your homes. Pasta Natura is a young company that has embraced the value of balancing tradition and innovation, making each of its products unique.

Production follows the secrets of ancient traditions: bronze extrusion and slow drying at low temperatures to preserve the product's characteristics

. The resulting pasta is rough, porous, and cooks to perfection. In Pasta Natura's recipes, you'll find only NATURAL ingredients, without artificial colorings, preservatives, or flavor enhancers. The pasta is made only with water and naturally gluten-free flours from partners committed to sustainable and organic farming. The high production standards reflect respect for traditional methods. The processing of grains preserves the organoleptic characteristics and nutritional value of the raw material. These features have won over consumers, the taste that marks the beginning of a new story, rich in passion and flavor...

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