Chickpea Flour - Pasta Natura Gluten Free - Flours
Chickpea Flour - Pasta Natura Gluten Free - Flours

Chickpea Flour

Chickpea flour is a delicious source of energy. Among the alternative flours to wheat it is probably the best known and used.

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Chickpea flour is a delicious source of energy. Among the alternative flours to wheat it is probably the best known and used. There are many traditional recipes based on this wonderful ingredient: farinata flavored with fresh rosemary, cecina, a delicious chickpea cake famous in Tuscany and Sicilian panelle, crunchy and golden, a little gluttony to be indulged with pleasure. PASTA NATURA chickpea flour is naturally gluten-free, so it is perfect to be consumed by those who are intolerant to gluten. The protein richness of chickpeas has made this flour indispensable for vegan and vegetarian diets that need to compensate for the lack of protein of animal origin. Chickpea flour can also be used to thicken omelettes or to prepare vegan burgers because it helps to compact the dough.

Chickpea flour is substantial, nourishing and energizing. The carbohydrate content is high, so it is ideal if consumed for lunch as it gives you the right energy to face the rest of the day. Chickpea flour is an excellent substitute for foods of animal origin because it is rich in proteins. The high fiber content present helps intestinal transit, helping to feel light and fit. There is no shortage of minerals and vitamins. In chickpea flour we find: potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, B vitamins, especially folic acid.

The chickpea flour, as well as in the tasty regional preparations, is also very present in other culinary traditions. It is the basis of simple but tasty preparations such as hummus and falafel. This ingredient allows you to make many other delicious dishes, all to try. When used to make batter for vegetables such as onion rings and artichokes, you will get a greedy and irresistible appetizer. To face the coldest days with taste, you can use chickpea flour to cook a hot polenta to be flavored with aromatic herbs. The chickpea flour can also be used alone to prepare homemade pasta. Thanks to the ability of this flour to thicken, it can be used to replace eggs. two tablespoons of flour will suffice for each egg. Chickpea flour is so good and versatile that it should never be missing in the pantry.

10 packs minimum order quantity.

Gluten Free
Gluten Free
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Our “from seed to table” slogan clearly indicates the heart of our business. We set out to have complete control of the supply chain: we select the grains, give them time to dry slowly and at low temperatures and see them become flour. Thanks to the artisanal production, we are able to monitor every single step and to certify the product to the final customer. We want to provide good and healthy food to all people who have decided to eat carefully, following a balanced diet free of gluten, cholesterol and harmful simple sugars. Find the goodness of the Mediterranean diet in a PASTA NATURA dish.

The seeds used to obtain the different flours are for the most part of Italian origin, with a short supply chain. This choice derives from our need to ensure the high quality of the finished product. Our direct relationship with the local farms allows us to reduce the steps that separate the raw material from our typically artisanal production. Our seeds are processed directly, managing to fully maintain their natural nutritional values. The craftsmanship at low temperatures allows us not to lose any nutritional and organoleptic properties of the raw material. On your table you will bring a plate of good and healthy PASTA NATURA: we have prepared excellent quality flour and pasta, you make your favorite recipe.

The commitment of our company is the production of Gluten Free and Organic pasta with the use of special flours based on legumes and naturally gluten-free cereals. Born in response to the needs of people with Celiac disease, gluten-free pasta has become part of the diet of a now vast audience, much more attentive to the quality of the diet than in the past. Observing this trend made us understand that we had to dedicate our experience in the production of artisan pasta to the creation of a wider range of products. PASTA NATURA is currently able to supply gluten-free, high-protein, protein-free, fiber-rich and low-glycemic index pasta and flour, depending on the type chosen. Those who want to lose weight, those who play sports, children in the growth phase, all find in PASTA NATURA the ideal ingredients for their daily diet.

Pasta Natura gluten free

Pasta Natura Gluten Free

All the passion in naturally delicious pasta, flours, and gluten-free cookies.

The natural taste of good pasta, from carefully selected supply chains right to your home.

The company: Artisanal production of pasta, flour, and cookies.

Pasta Natura is a young company that has found invaluable value in the balance between tradition and innovation, making each product special. Their production follows the secrets of ancient traditions that have proven over time to yield excellent products: bronze extrusion and slow, low-temperature drying to preserve the product's characteristics. The resulting pasta is rough and porous, and it cooks well. In their recipes, there is only NATURE, with no addition of colorants, preservatives, or any kind of enhancers. The pasta is made only with water and naturally gluten-free cereal or legume flours. The raw materials come from selected partners engaged in sustainable and organic farming. The high production standards are the result of respect for and the promotion of traditional methods. Cereals and legumes used for pasta and flour production are chosen through strict controls. The processing of the grains respects the naturalness of the product to preserve its organoleptic characteristics and the nutritional value of the raw material. These are the features that have convinced consumers to try their products. The taste marks the beginning of a new story, one filled with passion and flavor...

Pasta gluten free

Sustainability and Environmental Awareness

For sustainable production of gluten-free pasta, they utilize a photovoltaic system to harness solar energy, thereby avoiding the use of the planet's already scarce resources. To further reduce their environmental impact, they have adopted the Sbuccia Pack: a type of packaging that is easily disposable and recyclable.

Gluten-Free Raw Materials

Each grain, each seed has been chosen for its high nutritional value and taste. All PASTA NATURA products are naturally gluten-free, containing no ingredients of animal origin, and they are free from preservatives or artificial colorants. This means that the entire PASTA NATURA range is perfect for meeting various dietary needs, not just for those following a gluten-free diet. All products are also selected to cater to vegan and vegetarian diets, making them ideal for those on a protein-based diet, including plant-based proteins, and for those following a low-calorie diet who don't want to compromise on the nutritional benefits of grains.

Pasta e farina gluten free

The Quality of Handcrafted Production

Thanks to the artisanal production, it's possible to monitor every single step and certify the product for the end customer. This way, they provide a good and healthy food to all the people who have chosen to eat mindfully, following a balanced diet free from gluten, cholesterol, and harmful simple sugars.

Certificazioni - Pasta Natura Gluten Free

USPA Orcanic - Pasta Natura
Vegan Ok -  - Pasta Natura
Alimento senza glutine  - Pasta Natura
Prodotto Organico  - Pasta Natura
 - Pasta Natura
 Banco Alimentare - Pasta Natura
Pasta Natura
Halal  - Pasta Natura
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