Chickpea Flour - Pasta Natura Gluten Free - Flours
    Chickpea Flour - Pasta Natura Gluten Free - Flours

    Chickpea Flour - 10 packs

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    Chickpea flour is a delicious source of energy. Among the alternative flours to wheat it is probably the best known and used.

    10 packs minimum order quantity.



    Chickpea flour is a delicious source of energy. Among the alternative flours to wheat it is probably the best known and used. There are many traditional recipes based on this wonderful ingredient: farinata flavored with fresh rosemary, cecina, a delicious chickpea cake famous in Tuscany and Sicilian panelle, crunchy and golden, a little gluttony to be indulged with pleasure. PASTA NATURA chickpea flour is naturally gluten-free, so it is perfect to be consumed by those who are intolerant to gluten. The protein richness of chickpeas has made this flour indispensable for vegan and vegetarian diets that need to compensate for the lack of protein of animal origin. Chickpea flour can also be used to thicken omelettes or to prepare vegan burgers because it helps to compact the dough.

    Chickpea flour is substantial, nourishing and energizing. The carbohydrate content is high, so it is ideal if consumed for lunch as it gives you the right energy to face the rest of the day. Chickpea flour is an excellent substitute for foods of animal origin because it is rich in proteins. The high fiber content present helps intestinal transit, helping to feel light and fit. There is no shortage of minerals and vitamins. In chickpea flour we find: potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, B vitamins, especially folic acid.

    The chickpea flour, as well as in the tasty regional preparations, is also very present in other culinary traditions. It is the basis of simple but tasty preparations such as hummus and falafel. This ingredient allows you to make many other delicious dishes, all to try. When used to make batter for vegetables such as onion rings and artichokes, you will get a greedy and irresistible appetizer. To face the coldest days with taste, you can use chickpea flour to cook a hot polenta to be flavored with aromatic herbs. The chickpea flour can also be used alone to prepare homemade pasta. Thanks to the ability of this flour to thicken, it can be used to replace eggs. two tablespoons of flour will suffice for each egg. Chickpea flour is so good and versatile that it should never be missing in the pantry.

    10 packs minimum order quantity.

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    Gluten Free
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    Pasta Natura: The Authentic Taste of Natural and Sustainable Pasta

    Discover the natural goodness of fine pasta, carefully selected to reach your homes. Pasta Natura is a young company that has embraced the value of balancing tradition and innovation, making each of its products unique.

    Production follows the secrets of ancient traditions: bronze extrusion and slow drying at low temperatures to preserve the product's characteristics

    . The resulting pasta is rough, porous, and cooks to perfection. In Pasta Natura's recipes, you'll find only NATURAL ingredients, without artificial colorings, preservatives, or flavor enhancers. The pasta is made only with water and naturally gluten-free flours from partners committed to sustainable and organic farming. The high production standards reflect respect for traditional methods. The processing of grains preserves the organoleptic characteristics and nutritional value of the raw material. These features have won over consumers, the taste that marks the beginning of a new story, rich in passion and flavor...

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