Roasted PGI Piedmont Hazelnuts - Azienda Agricola Bruno Bressano - Dried fruit, Nuts and Seeds
    Roasted PGI Piedmont Hazelnuts - Azienda Agricola Bruno Bressano - Dried fruit, Nuts and Seeds

    Roasted PGI Piedmont Hazelnuts

    Azienda Agricola Bruno Bressano
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    Our Piedmont IGP hazelnut is grown in a place that, due to its geographical position, is particularly favorable for the cultivation of hazelnuts.

    The product represents an excellence of the territory certified 100% Made in Italy.



    Our hazelnuts of the Piedmont IGP brand name are grown in Serravalle Langhe and Cravanzana which, due to their geographical positions, are in a particularly favorable place for the cultivation of hazelnuts.

    Already in the early 1900s, following studies carried out by the agronomist Emanuele Ferrari, the territory of Cravanzana was an ideal indicator for the cultivation of hazelnut. In fact, the first trees were planted here.

    The characteristics of our territory that allow the Hazel to achieve high quality standards are:

    The altitude of the Serravalle Langhe area varies between 500 and 700 meters above sea level. The climate at this altitude is almost never subject to torrid summers but rather mild during the day and the cool night thus allowing the fruit to ripen slowly and gradually rather than forced;

    influence of the "marine". As the crow flies, Serravalle Langhe is a few tens of kilometers from the sea. This proximity allows the passage of the wind coming from the sea called by the locals "Marino" which brings with it mineral salts that are absorbed by the plant and transferred to the fruit. A mix of minerals that are probably the main reason for obtaining a Supreme Hazelnut.

    Serravalle Langhe and its territory are therefore able to give the product unique qualities but this unfortunately penalizes its production. In fact, our hilly cultivation, in addition to being apparently practicable due to the slopes of the land, there is no possibility of carrying out irrigation techniques that would allow greater productions (which would affect its quality).


    Their Hazelnut boasts the IGP Piemonte label and has been subjected to sensory analysis by the Centro Studi Assaggiatori di Brescia, compared with hazelnuts from Lazio and Turkey. The analysis shows that the Piemonte Hazelnut has a more complex and flawless sensory profile. Furthermore, this profile is even more distinctive in derived products than in the raw material. Notably, Bruno Bressano's IGP Piemonte hazelnuts, already recognized as the best, have superior characteristics due to their geographical location. "Terra delle Nocciole" combines this high-quality raw material with innovative processing methods to provide a unique product aimed exclusively at quality-conscious buyers.

    The transformation process at Bruno Bressando Agricoltural Company, involves several meticulous steps to preserve the quality of their initial hazelnut product. After harvesting, the hazelnuts undergo natural sun drying, a method chosen for its traditional and natural approach, albeit being slower and more laborious. The nuts are then sorted by size for shelling, ensuring no damage to the inner fruit. This is followed by a recalibration and hand sorting to remove any unfit nuts. The toasting process uses infrared rays, with the temperature and duration adjusted based on nut size. After toasting, the nuts are cooled to halt cooking and preserve the precious oils within. Finally, a hand sorting post-toasting removes any nuts that didn't meet quality standards. This meticulous attention to detail in each phase is fundamental to maintaining superior quality.

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