Organic toasted Sicilian Almonds - L'Arcolaio cooperativa sociale - Dried fruit, Nuts and Seeds
    Organic toasted Sicilian Almonds - L'Arcolaio cooperativa sociale - Dried fruit, Nuts and Seeds

    Organic toasted Sicilian Almonds

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    The crunchy biological almonds from Sicilia Dolci Evasioni are oven-roasted.

    The product represents an excellence of the territory certified 100% Made in Italy.



    Sicilian almonds are much valued for their sweetness and intense aroma.

    In the past, they were eaten by workers in the countryside. In fact, almonds provide our bodies with a high level of energy without weighing it down. So our grandparents, who could consume up to 5,000 calories in a day, could recharge their batteries while they continued working. Pregnant women also benefited greatly from eating almonds and did not need any kind of food supplements.

    We roast the almonds in our own workshop to achieve the ideal crunch and provide you with a wholesome and appetising snack to enjoy at any time of day.

    The packaging is vacuum-packed to guarantee all the properties and goodness of this delicious fruit.

    Dolci Evasioni roasted almonds won the Judges Award for Best Dried Fruit/Tart of the Year at the International Taste Awards 2020.

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    Gluten Free
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    L'Arcolaio brings the authentic taste of Sicily directly to your doorstep. From the tradition of marzipan to carob syrup, they offer a wide selection of high-quality Sicilian products. But L'Arcolaio is much more than an online store; it is a social cooperative with a special mission.

    Founded in 2003, this cooperative promotes employment for inmates by managing a productive activity within the Syracuse prison. Over the years, they have developed the registered trademark "Dolci Evasioni," and their products have become known throughout the country through specialized stores in organic products, fair trade shops, and solidarity purchasing groups.

    In 2014, with the support of the Val di Noto Community Foundation, the "Frutti degli Iblei" project had been launched, introducing new categories of products such as aromatic herbs, flavored salt, and dried vegetables. With a strong commitment to using organic raw materials and fair trade practices, L'Arcolaio promotes environmental sustainability, cultural diversity, and contributes to the evolution of the prison system through concrete work integration projects.

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