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Coppata Bacon of Pure Pork

The pure pork pancetta coppata of "I Sapori del Sannio" is made only with pure Italian pork.

The product represents an excellence of the territory certified 100% Made in Italy.

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The pure pork pancetta coppata of "Salumi del Sannio Forchia" is made only with pure Italian pork, is stuffed into synthetic casing and has a caliber of 140. Aged for 45/60 days.

To be stored in a cool and dry place + 4 ° C / MAX + 8 ° C

The 2 kg and 2.5 kg pieces are sliced

The 4.5 kg and 5 kg sizes are whole


National pork, salt, dextrose, spices and natural flavors, antioxidant E301, preservative E252 - E250. 


The Salificio Artigianale dei Fratelli Pezzella, a family-run company, founded by Eduardo Pezzella in 1885, is today carrying out its business on an area of 15,000 square meters in the province of Benevento.

The industrial processes have left the attention to quality and respect for traditions unchanged, so the production of salami, pancetta, greaves and typical regional products has long been appreciated and requested throughout Italy but is recording strong growth also abroad. .

Salumificio Pezzella's flagship product is the Vesuvius salami: natural casing with selected national pork.

Also try the Neapolitan Ciccioli: pancetta of national pig cooked in natural lard and pressed for 24 hours and the Ciccioli Frolli: scraps of bacon and back cooked lard in natural and pressed lard.

Trust the professionalism of Salumificio I Sapori del Sannio with confidence, whether you are private individuals, restaurateurs or distributors, for you only the best. 

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