Coffee Peru Pachamama - Caffe Lab - Coffee beans, ground coffee and coffee pods
Coffee Peru Pachamama - Caffe Lab - Coffee beans, ground coffee and coffee pods
Coffee Peru Pachamama - Caffe Lab - Coffee beans, ground coffee and coffee pods
Coffee Peru Pachamama - Caffe Lab - Coffee beans, ground coffee and coffee pods

Coffee Peru Pachamama

Directly from Peru, a coffee grown, harvested and processed by female hands with aromatic notes of cocoa, vanilla and strawberry.

The product represents an excellence of the territory certified 100% Made in Italy.

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With the new coffee Peru Pachamama, our collaboration with The Seven Elements continues, a fantastic social and environmental project developed in the Oxapampa region, in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. To support the indigenous community, Yanesha 7 Elements promotes sustainable cultivation according to permaculture techniques that provide agroecological management without any type of pesticide, herbicide or unnatural fertilizers.

Women Coffee

The "Pachamama" lot that we have selected from the new harvest and we propose on Caffelab is a "Women Project" lot, in fact these beans have been grown, harvested and processed exclusively by female hands. Her name means in Quechua language "Mother Earth". She is a divinity venerated by the Incas and by other peoples inhabiting the Andean plateau, such as the Aymara and Quechua. She is the great mother goddess, goddess of the earth, agriculture and fertility.

Pachamama is made up of 9 different micro lots, cultivated between 1890 and 2000mt of altitude by 9 women of the 7 Elements project: such as Edith Pena, Mary Montejo and Petronila Lale, Milagros Ortiz, Irma, Lilis, Sandra and Marianella.


After a selective manual harvest, the Red and Yellow Caturra, Typica, Catuai, and Costarica95 drupes pass through a first selection in floating tanks to remove most of the defects.

After having been de-pulped, the grains are transferred to plastic barrels where the aerobic fermentation takes place for about 18 hours until the right pH is reached. The beans are then washed manually and moved to solar dryers where a further selection of any defects takes place. Once the perfect degree of humidity has been reached, the beans are selected with densimetric and laser instruments, protected in grainpro and jute bags for export.


In the cup, Pachamama looks like a coffee with exceptional sweetness, balanced citrus acidity, good body and aromatic notes of cocoa, vanilla and ripe strawberries.

Gluten Free

The Caffèlab project was born as a collective, a group of people with different skills, different past and present but the same passion: quality coffee.

The world of coffee is changing. In recent years we have been witnessing a strong cultural evolution of coffee. Some consumers are beginning to realize that this product can be a universe of varieties and aromas and that a conscious taste can give us extraordinary sensations.

We wanted to make our blends through experimentation, because looking for quality does not mean fossilizing on a taste, but going in search of it. We have also started to use different extraction methods, because coffee is not just about espresso. Finally, we understood that roasting can totally change the taste of a coffee and that you can also experiment by roasting your own coffee, at home, at different levels, with different profiles.

This is why we have created Caffèlab: to allow you to create your own personalized coffee blend, through our configurator, making available the best single origins and professional equipment.

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