Coffee China Meng Meng - Caffe Lab - Coffee beans, ground coffee and coffee pods
Coffee China Meng Meng - Caffe Lab - Coffee beans, ground coffee and coffee pods
Coffee China Meng Meng - Caffe Lab - Coffee beans, ground coffee and coffee pods
Coffee China Meng Meng - Caffe Lab - Coffee beans, ground coffee and coffee pods

Coffee China Meng Meng

The Yunnan province produces a very high profile and quality coffee with aromatic notes of tropical fruit, melon and green tea.

The product represents an excellence of the territory certified 100% Made in Italy.

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It is not to be disappointed that many people associate China with tea rather than coffee. Let alone think that a single origin of excellent level and moreover specialty comes from China. China, or perhaps we should say the province of Yunnan, produces a coffee of the highest profile, so much so that it begins to be known in the world of quality coffee, thanks to its highly prized beans.

Chiliarch Coffee Plantation, also known as Ou Plantation, of which the micro lot Meng Meng is part of it, was born in 2012 with a passion for organic coffee cultivation and a commitment to produce the highest quality in a sustainable way for the environment.

Mr. David Ou Yang is the owner of this 78 hectare plantation from which he takes his name. Driven by a great passion for coffee, over time he has successfully developed new processing techniques, experimenting with alternative methods of fermentation and drying. Thanks to the high price on the market of high quality coffee, it aims to help local communities to get out of poverty.

The drupes of this batch, entirely hand-picked, are placed in airtight containers for fermentation for 2/3 days, during which the mucilage separates more quickly from the grains. They are then dried in the sun on raised beds, until they reach 40% humidity. At this point they are again placed in airtight containers for a second fermentation of 4/5 days. At the end of the process, the coffee will be spread again on raised beds for another 28 days of drying. This technique, called "double fermentation" requires very careful monitoring given the high risk of excessive fermentation and mold.

In the cup it looks like a very particular coffee, with a mix of tropical fruit such as mango and pineapple and sweet and delicate yellow fruit. In the aftertaste we discover hints of green tea.


Coffee cultivation in the Yunnan region has changed dramatically in the last 30 years of the 1900s. An intensive development program for coffee cultivation has since been put in place. Today, with the expansion and increase of coffee cultivation and processing techniques, the quality continues to improve more and more, in the pursuit of an organic and sustainable approach.

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The Caffèlab project was born as a collective, a group of people with different skills, different past and present but the same passion: quality coffee.

The world of coffee is changing. In recent years we have been witnessing a strong cultural evolution of coffee. Some consumers are beginning to realize that this product can be a universe of varieties and aromas and that a conscious taste can give us extraordinary sensations.

We wanted to make our blends through experimentation, because looking for quality does not mean fossilizing on a taste, but going in search of it. We have also started to use different extraction methods, because coffee is not just about espresso. Finally, we understood that roasting can totally change the taste of a coffee and that you can also experiment by roasting your own coffee, at home, at different levels, with different profiles.

This is why we have created Caffèlab: to allow you to create your own personalized coffee blend, through our configurator, making available the best single origins and professional equipment.

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