Coffee pods 50/50 Gran Crema - Caffe Lab - Coffee beans, ground coffee and coffee pods
    Coffee pods 50/50 Gran Crema - Caffe Lab - Coffee beans, ground coffee and coffee pods

    Coffee pods 50/50 Gran Crema

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    100% biodegradable coffee pods with aromatic notes of bitter cocoa and precious woods.

    The product represents an excellence of the territory certified 100% Made in Italy.


    Blend with a vigorous body and strong taste, a coffee that leaves its mark.


    Dark brown cream, decidedly dark. In espresso, the taste is very full-bodied, you really feel its fullness in the mouth. The bitterness is intense but mitigated by a sensation of chocolaty, intense sweetness. The nose notes are of bitter cocoa and precious woods.

    100% biodegradable

    Packaging: 18 or 150 pods

    Compatibility: ESE - check the indications on the machine 

    18 pods
    150 pods
    Gluten Free
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    Thanks to the expertise of its team, Caffèlab offers the finest coffee qualities: from traditional Italian blends and certified organic Specialty Coffee to pods, capsules, and green coffee.

    They feature a rich selection of single-origin and specialty coffees, from Nepalese farm coffee to the legendary Jamaica Blue Mountain and Ethiopia Sidamo. Their coffee blends are inspired by the classic Italian espresso tradition, ranging from traditional bar blends to intense Neapolitan coffee and fragrant 100% Arabica, traceable and certified.

    Their organic coffee is grown without chemical fertilizers, additives, or pesticides, certified by an international body to ensure ethical and genuine production.

    Green coffee refers to unroasted, raw coffee beans.

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