Lazzarelle Ground Coffee el Bosque 100% arabica - Cooperativa Lazzarelle - Coffee beans, ground coffee and coffee pods
Lazzarelle Ground Coffee el Bosque 100% arabica - Cooperativa Lazzarelle - Coffee beans, ground coffee and coffee pods

Lazzarelle Ground Coffee el Bosque 100% arabica

Lazzarelle ground coffee "el Bosque" 100% Arabica in 250gr packets. Produced in the Pozzuoli women's prison.

The product represents an excellence of the territory certified 100% Made in Italy.

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Caffè Lazzarelle ground el Bosque 100% Arabica in 250gr packets is produced in the Pozzuoli women's prison.

Ground for Moka

100% full-bodied Arabica blend, with an intense aroma and sweet taste. Excellent Arabica Guatemala El Bosque with hints of peach, cherry and dark chocolate. Mild acidity, aftertaste with fruity and grapefruit notes.

The roasting process

The roasting process is one of the most important steps in the processing of beans. As well as making green coffee edible, it gives it the characteristic aromatic and organoleptic profile of each coffee blend. The roasting of the beans, together with the blending of 5 different varieties and types, is more than technical skill, it is a true art in which the Cooperative, with the help and teaching of an old Master Roaster, has tried its hand during the period of experimentation, succeeding in developing a good ability to create quality blends and to know how to carefully manage the roasting phase, to which each type of coffee responds in a physically and chemically different way.

Each packet of coffee in its own way becomes unique in flavour.

This choice has rewarded us, in the sense that over time we have succeeded in creating our own trusted clientele who share the sense of the project and who regularly buy our coffee, finding it ethically sustainable and above all good.

The slow traditional production process (up to 10 times slower than the industrial one) with the slow roasting and natural gasification method is considered the only way to bring out the refinement and aromatic complexity of high-quality coffees. The wait is well worth it. The coffee has a dense, aromatic flavour and can be enjoyed without the addition of sugar or sweetener.

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Imprenditoria Femminile
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We as free women have chosen to actively engage in an all-female enterprise that enhances artisan knowledge and generates social inclusion. Because only work offers dignity and the possibility of real redemption. The Lazzarelle coffee was born by bringing together two weak subjects: women inmates and small coffee producers from the southern hemisphere. We buy the coffee beans from the Shadilly cooperative which promotes cooperation projects with small producers. Then we added tea, infusions and herbal teas to our artisan coffee production.


Our coffee is produced, at every stage of its manufacturing process, without adding additives, respecting the natural preparation times of the ancient Neapolitan artisan school. Our coffee packs are made of aluminum-free plastic so that they can be recycled with the plastic in separate collection.


Up to now 56 women have alternated in our cooperative, each with its own history, different and identical to the others. Many of them, before working with us, had never had a regular employment contract. With us they learn a trade, but above all they acquire awareness of their rights and their possibilities. 

Cooperativa Lazzarelle - Coffee

Cooperativa Lazzarelle

An all-female production. The finest blends of Neapolitan tea, herbal infusions, and coffee delivered to your home.

The production of Neapolitan coffee and infusions from the women's prison in Pozzuoli.

Caffè Napoletano Lazzarelle

How it was born

In 2010, Lazzarelle was born in Naples, a social enterprise that produces coffee, tea, and infusions following the ancient Neapolitan tradition, within the largest women's prison in Pozzuoli. It's a female-led challenge that values artisanal knowledge and promotes social inclusion. Many of the women involved in the roastery pose low social risk. They are the very 'Lazzarelle,' the girls who may have gotten into a bit of mischief and are now trying to make amends because only work offers dignity and a real chance at redemption. Today, thanks to their employment in the cooperative, they not only learn a trade but also gain awareness of their rights and their potential.

Carcerary Economy - The Importance of Rights

The work carried out in prison serves to prevent the exacerbation of mental and relational imbalances and counteracts the restriction of physical abilities. Furthermore, the division between work and rest moments bridges the world of the free with that of the incarcerated, providing a sense of daily normalcy. To promote the social inclusion of the inmates at the Pozzuoli prison, Lazzarelle's social project ensures that through the processing and roasting of coffee, many women who had never had regular employment contracts now feel like an integral part of a society that includes them, recognizing their equal rights. Lazzarelle coffee is the result of bringing together two vulnerable groups: incarcerated women and small coffee producers from the global South. In fact, their beans come from the Shadhilly Cooperative, which promotes cooperation projects with small producers. Over the years, they have decided to expand their artisanal production to include tea, infusions, and herbal teas.

Sustainability and Recyclable Packaging

Lazzarelle coffee not only tastes good but also respects the environment! In fact, the production phase follows strict processing procedures without the addition of additives, respecting the natural preparation times of the ancient Neapolitan artisan tradition. Moreover, the packaging and packaging materials are made entirely from plastic without aluminum, making them recyclable alongside regular plastic waste in recycling programs.

Torrefazione Caffè Lazzarelle
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